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Feb 16, 2019
Need to replace my purge valve as I believe it's faulty, tried looking for a replacement but the only ones I can find online that look the same are quite old and tatty. What are you guys using for replacements?
Some of the Mondeo items look similar, but are they a straight plug in swap?
Is there another alternative to buying a 20year old 2nd hand part off another fiesta/puma? Surely this part isn't that special.
Do you mean the air valve by throttle body or solenoid valve by fuel tank? You should be able to find new FINIS part number on this site: http://www.catcar.info
Thanks for that, it's the little valve on the bulkhead with a pipe from the fuel tank and a pipe to the intake manifold. Found the part number from that link you put up, (handy website that)
Here's the part no 1789174
£120!!!!!! Think I'll look for a good second hand one,
Anyone ever fitted an alternative with success?
Hmm, that's ridiculous for a little solenoid valve. My tip is to look for the ford BASE part number and search for an alternative. The FINIS number (1789174) is the Ford spare parts number. Ford Manufacturing part numbers are in the format AAAA-BBBBB-CC where:
A= programme (eg Puma/Fiesta = 96FB)
B= BASE part no (eg 9C915 = Fuel System Solenoid Valve)
C= Revision/variant. AA= first revision, AB= second revision etc.

Searching for just the base number '9C915' brings up this alternative https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-genu...573155?hash=item488a939563:g:jxwAAOSwzE5cpK-R , which looks to use the same 2-pin connector and similar/same vac pipe connections:

The risk will be that it is calibrated differently and/or the pin-outs of the connector are reversed, however I'd be willing to bet it will work.
That's great, just the kind of info I was after!
I will order one up and report back with the outcome
Well, part came today, I got a second hand one for £10.
It's very similar to the puma part, main difference is that I had to change one of the pipes as it was to small to fit on the valve as the Mondeo part had a larger spout.
Electrical connection is identical.
It's works fine though, no engine light anymore 🤞
Pretty close to a straight swap as you can get.
Thanks for your help
That is really good info. Thanks for letting us know. Keep us posted if anything goes belly up though

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