SOLD - Ford Puma - X reg (Feb 2001) 1.7 16V Panther Black with sun roof


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Feb 16, 2023
Mileage – 64,000. Full service history. One lady owner sad to have to sell, only due to extension of ULEZ to all London boroughs in August 2023.
Engine always starts first time, regardless of weather conditions, and drives like new! Two keys. Regularly serviced from new. Road taxed until 31 Jul 2023. MOT expires 2 Aug 2023.
Signs of wear and use. Everything works (including aircon, stereo and CD player) except offside window regulator. Location – Richmond, Surrey. Price £1,150. Contact Suze – 07944 175384
Just out of interest, is this the only reason your selling as someone just posted about theirs been given a certificate of conformity from Ford.

It was in this thread posted a couple of hours after yours:-

And I quote;-
gimmickyflea said:
As a side note, today I got a certificate of conformity from Ford and my Puma is ULEZ compliant. How amazing is that for a 23 year old car. Not that I intend driving in London anytime soon but these areas could arrive on our doorsteps so still good to have if I'm going to being spending a lot of dollar keeping her on the road.

Good luck either way :eek:k:
The ULEZ exemption seems to be for 1999 and some 2000 cars were the NOx reading is shown as 0.03, later cars show 0.83, earlier cars do not show a NOx reading. I believe it's necessary to get a letter of conformity from Ford @ Dunton. Full details are on the Facebook group. See one member of the Facebook group You tube video.

I'm waiting for the V5c for my 2000 red Puma to see if I can get it through, even though I don't think I'll be driving into London.
That's amazing! Many thanks for letting me know. However, I've now committed to replacing it. :-(
Just watched that video & it has all the info needed along with the email address to Ford.

Slight correction on your post John, in that the later Puma were 0.083 which is a damn shame if they are only 0.003 over the limit. Seems weird they got worse & I'd be disappointed if they didn't let you pass the TFL criteria for exemption as the limits I can find don't actually go to the 3rd decimal place so if you round it to the 2nd decimal place it conforms :funny:

Of course, it is technically still over by a gnats arse ;p

On a side note, I put in the registration of my old 2002 Puma - it didn't recognise the car (guessing it's long since been scrapped) but on the next page it said;-

This vehicle meets the ULEZ emissions standards
You do not need to pay a daily ULEZ charge to drive in the zone, and are helping to improve air quality across London.
However, if you see the Congestion Charge displayed below, you will need to pay that daily charge to drive in central London.

Are you sure, John?
My Thunder, Build Date: 03.12.2001, Registration Date: 14.02.2002, shows NOx 0.083
Yes my mistake, it has to be under 0.080 NOx, my Thunder and MSB one are 0.083, so not ULEZ compliant.
Waiting to get the V5c for my "new" red one which was built in October 1999.