Stage 2 Tuned 1.7 Puma - £1500


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Feb 2, 2012
For sale on eBay. Finishing around 6pm on Friday 28th

X reg (2001) Puma in silver with just over 107k on the clock.
I'll be as honest and detailed as I can about this car.

Had the car as a project for 14 months. Over £5500 spent. I'm at a point where I can't spend any more on the car and it needs a new home. The car is fully driveable (over 3000 miles since rebuild). There are issues (listed below) that do need attention. You do have to adapt your driving style to compensate.

Work & parts done so far:
  • Full engine rebuild at 104,000 miles.
  • Lightning Motorsport LMS 180 Inlet Manifold (finished in Ford pacific green).
  • Lightning Motorsport high flow oil pump.
  • Newman fast road cams.
  • K&N cold air induction.
  • Poly bushings (fitted before I bought car - unsure of brand).
  • Mondeo silvertop throttle body.
  • New: Official Ford MAF, Idle Air Valve, crank speed sensor, cam position sensor and coolant temp sensor.
  • Replacement Official Ford (second hand) vehicle speed sensor.
  • New: 3rd party lambda sensor.
  • New windscreen fitted less than 3 months ago.

The Good:
  • Decent service history (prior to buying) and a folder full of invoices and receipts of parts for the rebuild.
  • MOT due on 10th April 2020.
  • Sleeper car which sounds standard until you put your foot down.
  • Strong powerband around 4k RPM and beyond.
  • Poly bushings provide no end of grip in dry weather.
  • Genuine Ford Puma car mats.

The Bad:
  • Low RPM judder/kangarooing. Happens when throttle pedal is lightly pushed. Slightly harder acceleration has no judder. Replaced 6 sensors and HT leads, still no luck.
  • Rough idling. As above - try as I might I haven't been able to fix this.
  • Gearbox rattle. Confirmed by a mechanic as the slave cylinder. Around £40 on eBay.
  • Gearbox oil had been overfilled causing a leak. The excess has now left the breather and there is no more leak and the gearbox has been cleaned with brake cleaner. However there is an odour of gearbox oil after a long drive.
  • Intermittent ABS/Traction light on dashboard. Intermittent (very infrequent) ABS judder at low speeds (under 5mph). Brakes have been cleaned and inspected. Appears to be a sensor issue. Around £30 each on eBay.
  • Rusty wheel arches. Quoted £400 to replace metal and respray.
  • Cloudy headlight plastic. Will likely need addressing before next MOT.
  • Scuffed alloy wheels.
  • Air con needs re-gassing.
  • CD head unit requires unlock code. I don't have a removal tool to get the serial number to use a website to generate a code.
    Rubber base of radio antenna is cracked and perished.
  • A bulb/LED on the dashboard (1 of 2 for fuel gauge) occasionally switches off. Makes it a little tricky (but not impossible) to read the fuel gauge at night time.
  • Exhaust heatshield along underside of car has been removed as one side of the bolts were corroding.
£1500 - looking to sell asap. It's fully driveable, but the above issues do need attention and you do have to adapt your driving style to compensate.

Up for sale on eBay with no reserve.

Auction due to finish around 6pm on Friday.