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Oct 29, 2007
I've had it up to here with the state of the roads round where I live (County Armagh fact fans!).

The roads have been dug up for miles around to put in cable. A few years later they dig them up again for new water mains. Now they have been dug up for a gas pipeline and the most recent is the electricity board are ripping them up for underground power lines.

This means there are these strange strips of badly repaired road running for miles in all directions.

Yes, they have been repaired TERRIBLY. The hard Puma suspension does not delight in such bumps and neither do I.

I'm really pissed orf about it, £180 a year road tax for roads you can't drive a bike on let alone a car........
Makes you wonder why the highways agency can't coordinate the road being dug up just the once with all utility companies doing the work one after the other in the open road.

Puma hard suspension? You had it modified then? The standard setup is quite soft in my opinion.
But then that's a barge of a car! :lol:

Cherie's is nice 'n' soft whereas mines hard.....

(waits for the sarcastic responses....)
Cheeky git.

Though you won't find me complaining.

What was the subject again??
Actually it had a 1.4 k series engine and it sang quite nicely above 4k revs, but yes you are right it's a different beast alltogether!
Suspension and the state of the roads ;)

Yorkshire's roads are terrible - especially on a recent drive around the lakes :(
I owned a 1.4 K series Rover 200 Si and it is a fanstastic little car.

The engine is nice..but as you say the overall feel of the car isn't great :p
Puma is only driven on highways to work and thankfully no uneven roads there. weekends, during my badminton session, I have to go though this "worse than roman roads" road and I drive the KA ;) must say it handles the bumps really well :) better than the puma imo :) (I changed the wheels on the KA to puma's 9 spokes btw and it seem to cushion the impact more ;) )
The road through my old uni (puiblic road) had holes in it all the time coz when they finally got round to repairing it, it re-appeared within a week. I had to slalom around them, which was slightly harder when cars were coming t'other way :p
All it takes is one good pothole to knock out your alignment leading to uneven tyre wear, steering wobble and ultimately putting your hand in your pocket and shelling out hard earned lollipops to get it all sorted.
Crappily surfaced roads and speed bumps is the reason my rear shocks are knackered. Grrrrrrr....
My work route takes me on varied roads used regularily and not used regularily and they are awful.

Its a 25mile route from Herts to London.

I have even taken pictures of bumps, pot holes, gaps, man-holes the lot to get some sort of compo as i have dented alloys and punctured tyre's, its a long drawn out process but in the end.....NOTHING! :(
Where do you go James? Just down the A10? I was down there a while ago and that bit by Cheshunt has more holes in it than I remember :(

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