whoop, whoop, whoop sound when turning...


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Sep 9, 2023
I've not driven my Millie for a few weeks (due to a problem I was having changing the lambda sensor, in another post) but have driven it just a mile or so to and from the local garage 3 times in 3 days.
Now, each time I turn right I get a kind of whooping/whistling noise that sounds almost like a sci-fi effect.
I'll try to get a recording, but it only does it when it's moving, not when stationary.
It sounds kind of like a repeated whoop, whoop, whoop, whoop, with each one seeming a little higher pitch and quieter, and over the space of just a second or two at most. Sounds to me remiscent of whistling into pipes or glugging when bottles have airlocks, so I'm guessing it could be fluid- or air-related.
Only happens when I turn right, not left.
It's done this just once or twice in the last month or two (and thousand miles or so) since I inherited it, but not enough that I'd really picked it out. But now it's every turn.

I've listened to various youtube videos on power steering pump/belt issues but they sound nothing like this.
Power steering fluid is at max, so no leaks. And there's no sound when idling or turning the wheel while stationary. Power steering also feels fine.

Any ideas?

thanks in advance, as always.

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