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Felis Concolor

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Sep 27, 2015
Bulgaria - Land Of Confusion
Still my favourite essay on giving the answer why :) :

In 2012, the motoring world has gone coupe crazy; the Toyobaru twins have been unanimously well received, Honda's new NSX project appears to be going from strength to strength and there's even talk of a new Nissan 200SX, which has to please the drifter in all of us.

However, what is currently lacking from news desks globally is any kind of rumour about one of my favourite coupes from the past, and one which undoubtedly deserves rejuvenation; the Ford Puma. I'm sure I don't need to bore you with the history of this wonderful little car, as its name should evoke fondness in the ears of every enthusiast. Pretty, affordable, funky and fun, it was everything its direct rival from Vauxhall (the Tigra) wasn't and, more worryingly for Ford, possessed all the virtues so maddeningly absent from its Cougar big brother. If you are ignorant to the abilities of this glorious little Ford, enter 'Old Top Gear Ford Puma' into YouTube. It's the one with Clarkson, Needell and Wilson. Two minutes of TV gold...

And I believe now is the perfect time to resurrect the Puma; not just to make Ford a bit of extra cash, but because they already have the ingredients to make a fantastic version of it for the 2010s. In no particular order, they are:

Firstly, a great Fiesta chassis to base it on. Ever since the Mk 4 that the first Puma was created from, Fiestas have been at the top of the supermini class for driving pleasure. The current Mk 7 is no different, receiving plaudits and accolades throughout the motoring press. So there you have underpinnings sorted.

Power it with EcoBoost engines. The new one-litre triple from Ford is a piece of engineering genius, and would fit a new Puma like a tailored suit. Light, efficient and brimming with character, it also puts out the same amount of power in its higher state of tune (123bhp) as the original 1.7 did. Who said the car industry can't progress? Moreover, there has to be the possibility of the 1.6 EcoBoost to make a Puma ST also, given its Fiesta underpinnings.

Personalisation is key. Citroen (C3 and DS3) and Fiat (Panda and 500) have proved that you can make people pay more for a base product if it is more stylised and offers a greater scope for individualisation. I don't wish to make a handbag of the new Fiesta-based Puma, as it should remain a driving device to its core, but there must be some revenue to be had through colour and upholstery options?

Make it look good!. Just look at the Range Rover Evoque. It has proved, more than any car recently, that exterior appearance brings the punters in. The existing Fiesta is a really modern and appealing little car, so surely the transition to a small coupe can't be too hard? And if you're really struggling, Ford, I'm sure Ian Callum might have another crack at the whip.

Now think about it. You want one of these, don't you? Fiesta architecture so it's cheap but fun to drive, the very latest in engine technology to keep money in your pocket but a smile on your face and a recommendation for a small coupe that isn't a damn Scirocco! No need to thank me Ford, just send me my ST in Imperial Blue...
http://community.evo.co.uk/users/Matthew-Bird/blogs/index.cfm/2012/4/13/Why-the-world-needs-a-new-Ford-Puma" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
As a current Fiesta owner I'd say that it is so good that Ford don't need to make a new Puma.
I like Fiestas but they are not the sexiest looking car on the road . A sleeker coupe version of the ST would have my wallet out of my pocket so fast ..... !
Appearance is a very subjective thing and indeed an emotional thing, which cannot be changed by however much logic and stats that you throw at it.

All I know is that, to me, the new Fiestas look pig ugly and the Puma for reasons I can't, and don't bother to, explain make me smile as I approach the car. It looks good.

Did try to like the new ones though - http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/ford/fiesta" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
In 1996 the quickest Fiesta was the 1.4, now the Fiesta ST is one of the best hot hatches of all time. I couldn't see Joe Public going for a more expensive, less practical version of what is already a very good car. The last thing Ford needs is a pair of in house rivals. My Fiesta is just as quick and handles just as well as my Puma did but my Fiesta will seat 5 people, has a bigger boot and is cheaper to run
oilburner said:
I couldn't see Joe Public going for a more expensive, less practical version of what is already a very good car
I think that's about right. The benchmark for Joe Public is pretty low and good handling is more of a bonus to them but space for, at least, 4 adults and a decent sized boot are both essential requirements.

Looks don't matter much on Joe Public cars, especially as the car parks are already packed out with other brands that look pretty much the same. It's a horses for courses type thing and in that market, where the actual money is made, then the new Fiesta not only fits in well, but probably stands out from the crowd a bit as well.

oilburner said:
The last thing Ford needs is a pair of in house rivals.
I don't think any manufacturer has ever brought out a sporty 2 seater type coupe, etc. thinking that it would rival their main sellers. They bring them out for a different market, which is a small market they cannot satisfy with their main seller vehicles.

Really, it's all about looking at things from other people's points of view and accepting them all as valid. It has to be like that, otherwise everybody would be driving exactly the same car by exactly the same manufacturer.
I personal think manufactures are just not interested in small fun cars . Turbo cars are boring and lazy to drive compared to a revy n/a .One of the reasons I got my Twingo rs is that it is like the puma in many ways apart from the rust. Small ,light ,fun ,cheep to run and mine is very scarce 143 in use today . I love my puma but I don't think Ford will make something Puma like again .
In all honesty to Ford, the Puma project was not something born out of a heavy planning or niche product placement. The thing is Ford had this contract with Yamaha for development AND production of 1.7, the ultimate version of Sigma (today known as Zetec-SE) engine. When original car which was destined to use that engine was shelved for good, it was either swallow up the contract penalties or come with something that could use it (just to put things into perspective, we are talking about 80 engines per day). So Puma was born, small production model as the engine production couldn't allow for bigger run. In many ways a first. It was the first Ford to be designed solely on computers (not a single sheet of paper was used). Also, IIRC, the first time different cars rolled off the same production line was with puma/fiesta in Cologne factory.
But, as it is often case in life, an 'accidental' child gets to be the brightest, smartest, simply the best. The demand for the car was such that 1.4 was brought in to save the day...
Do I think a new puma would succeed? Maybe. Probably. But not surely. Motoring world has moved on. It is all about high(ish) ride SUV's and pretenders nowadays.
But there might be a swing around the corner as someone has already pointed put. Coupés are staring to emerge again (I think I read somewhere Hyundai is bringing along coupé version od i20?), Toyota has the GT86... However, Ford has IMHO always been reactive instead proactive so we will have to wait for GM (Opel/Vauxhall) to bring their coupé first. After all that is what happened the last time as well....
To be a threat against competitors in the market I will say it needs RWD, engine with 200hp (models with less HP should be available too), more comfort and more aggressive looks while still keeping some of the character of mk1 Puma with sharp handling, low weight and high revving NA engine. Another Racing Puma edition would be awesome and I think it will be a bigger success than the first was in the start seeing the cult following the Puma has now.
I just wish Ford would keep making the bits for the original Puma as I don't know what I'm going to do when I can't get mine mended any more.

I don't want anything else. The Fiestas might handle and be comfy etc but they are bigger than the Puma (I can hardly see over the dash of my friend's one) and the front grille they have put on the newest models is not the most flattering thing and does not induce the smile that my Puma does when I spot it waiting for me accross a car park.
I think Ford should buy the RX8 design off Mazda, put a 200+ BHP Ecoboost engine in and then they have a cracking car...call it a Puma and I'd be happy :lol:

That's pretty much what Toyota/Subaru did as it's not far short of an RX8 anyway and they call that a revelation. Pffft! :lol:
A Fiesta with a nicer (it can be a foot less tall for a start) coupe body would be epic. 1.6 ecoboost, 1.6 n/a anda 1.0 ecoboost would be a riot
Alternatively you could always design a new Puma (not unlike the old one) but with modern day features. There are companies that are willing to do it.

I know i'd buy one.
What someone needs to do and not necessarily Ford is to take the FRP version and increase the size by say 25% all over.

This would allow for various engines and gearboxes (including dare I say a diesel version) and would allow for the latest technology to be implemented into the "Puma".

You could start with Alfa Romeo 1750 bi-turbo engine mated to a six speed auto / paddle shift gearbox.

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