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Jul 16, 2023
Hi all, my brother and I have bought a low mileage (52K) silver 1.7 (with an MOT!) and we're debating what to do with it.

We're getting it up on a ramp on Wednesday to see what issues we can find, so until then I'm hoping to get some more general advice about some considered/specific upgrades for it.

I do appreciate keeping a car as unmolested as possible, but we also have been thinking about how we could make it even better (once the service is done). We're thinking suspension, brakes and perhaps some engine activities, nothing too crazy, just better. We might take it on a track, but only once or twice. It would be a B road machine instead of Track car.

I've ever owned a Puma before so know nothing which is why I'm here. I'm hoping someone can suggest good, specific parts I could look to install.

Also, if someone recognises the reg then please get in touch. There's not much paperwork with the car and despite the rust bubbles in the arches, the entire underneath appears to have been Lanoguarded/protected etc. I wonder what other issues that might be hiding? Seems odd that someone would protect a rusty undercarriage so hopefully the work was done beforehand!
Welcome to the group and Puma ownership. I'd be inclined to use the car a while first, before contemplating any changes, remember Ford spent a lot of effort in getting it right in the first place, hence it being Top Gear car of the Year in 1997.
Agreed, the standard set up Ford achieved is excellent 👍
The only upgrades I have made to mine are to the brakes and replacing some suspension bushes with Powerflex ones...
Hi. I agree with John (above), the starting point with any used car is to identify what works, what doesn't and how much money its going to cost you to fix it! In around 2001 a ford advert from a national newspaper was pinned on the fridge in our kitchen, it was an advert for a Puma and it had "Want One" written over the advert by my wife. We bought an 18 month old silver Puma at 8000 miles within a couple of weeks. Fantastic car and we loved it. Sadly the same "newspaper trick" was pulled around 3 years later, so we swapped that Puma for a Merc SLK230. My wife still has an SLK as her daily drive, however in 2014 (and after two of our sons having owned Pumas as their first drives) we decided to buy another Puma as a fun/ spare car. This car is a Silver Thunder and we still have it. Its doesn't have a hard life (4000 miles in the last 3 years), however its really good fun. I think its important to keep a classic car as close to original as possible, the only mod on the car is that the original ford radio failed so it now has a digital radio / cd player with hands free phone. Other than the standard annual getting rid of rust on the body the only thing we have done is refurbished the standard alloys when new tyres where needed.
So in summary, start saving your money for the next MOT and more importantly enjoy driving the Puma.
Thanks all! Great advice and very welcoming.

On closer inspection of the available paperwork, I found that the car had significant money spent on the welding/underside usual issues before the underside seal was applied in 2016, meaning the concerns the MOTs had with a lack of visibility should be negated (as already fixed!). I managed to confirm with the owner who cherished it so have peace of mind on that issues I thought I might have. Onwards and upwards!

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