2000 Ford Puma 1.7


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Aug 25, 2023
Had this for about 13 years, but it's been garaged for the last 9. Recently had lots of work done underneath removing rust, wax oiling, replacing parts. Soon to have belts etc done. Drives like new, but needs some bodywork time spent on it. Especially rear arches which will hopefully happen in the next month or two.

My favourite colour for a Puma...........after Pacific Green that is!
I do like the Pacific Green and Melina Blue ones, but my favourite colour is definitely RED, I spent about 10 years looking for one and eventually found one in February. I still have the Medium Steel blue one as well, which is a very good car, but the Red Puma is the one I'll be keeping for many years.
Cambelt, aux belt, water pump and crankshaft seal replaced. No longer squeaks when it runs or leaks oil and i feel safe to actually rev it above 3000 rpm now. Possibly had it's original belts etc and at 23 years and 106k miles they were surely not long for this world.
Turns out the above fears of ancient cam belt were unfounded, it was actually 20,000 miles and 14 years old. So fine. :rolleyes: But now replaced of course.

And speaking of replaced, it's had it's rear arches cut out on both sides, new metal welded in and made good. Inners have had rust removed, converted and protected, and the sills had already been done a few months ago by my dad and my brother, who did a TON of work clearing all the rust from underneath and protecting it. It also had a rust patch on the drivers door removed and painted in when the rear quarter panels were getting their paint job. Looks great, especially as the arches had been fillered and repainted some time in the 2000s and the paint they'd used had aged to a different colour. Hopefully will get some photos of the work done soon. For info, it cost £960 for both arches and the door at a decent shop. Another quote was £1000 for the arches from a one-man-band type of shop so seemed reasonable. I did investigate having the whole car gone over, restored and repaainted, but that was looking like £4000 so i'll maybe look at it a panel at a time!

Plus a new center cap to replace a broken one and a new aerial as when i took it off for the car wash the rubber and plastic disintegrated in my hand. Cars looking and driving great!
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Some pics from the body shop of the arches being cut out and replaced. Some fully rusted through holes, and absolutely needed doing, but not as bad behind the scenes as I was worried. You can also see evidence of all the work under the car that my dad has previously already done removing and treating rust.

PHOTO-2023-09-20-13-52-09 3.jpgPHOTO-2023-09-20-13-52-08.jpgPHOTO-2023-09-20-13-52-09.jpgWhatsApp Image 2023-10-05 at 08.22.11.jpegWhatsApp Image 2023-10-05 at 08.22.03.jpeg
A 14 year old cambelt has to be changed, should have been done years ago, the miles don’t matter at all however low as belt perishes and will break. Gates only give you 3 years and low mileage, Ford much longer but their belts no longer available so had to fit Gates to ours. Enjoy it when finished.

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