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Major Malfunction

New member
Sep 21, 2015
I've owned this car for 7.5 years, in that time its been utterly reliable and great fun. However its time to pass it on, we've outgrown it
and getting 2 bicycles in the back is getting tiring! It has MOT until August 2023, and has done approximately 149,000 miles.

Good Bits:
- Regularly serviced, I actually serviced it 4 days ago! The engine uses no oil or water and pulls well.
- Rear axle beam bushes replaced at last MOT.
- Over the past year or two its had 2 new front tyres, a new battery and water pump.
- Thunder spec so has the leather seats (good condition), and heated windscreen and air-con (which both work!)

Bad Bits:
- Cosmetics let the car down. Has the usual rusty arches and a front passenger wing. I do actually have a rust/dent-free replacement wing albeit in dark grey which I can include in the sale. Sills are also starting to look a bit scabby as shown in the photos. MOT history is fairly clean rust-wise but I would expect a patch will be needed for its next MOT.
- Vibration through the steering wheel around 70-80mph. I've not had this checked by the garage but I suspect its one of the driveshafts as its worse under load.

I've tried to be as honest as I can. I'll be really sorry to see it go! If you have any questions or would like a viewing please message me. Thanks, Tom

Price: £850
Location: Peterborough, Cambs