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May 9, 2009
Landan Taaaaaaan
Hi all,

Well, thanks to a bus driving into it, the insurers took one look at my Puma and sent it to the great scrap heap in the sky. Just a bit of panel damage, but that was enough. Anyway, I manage to salvage a couple of bits off it before I handed it over just in case I didn't get it back, and I've got a few spares in the garage. All available to post or you can save me the postage and pick them up near Sheen, SW London. Here we go...

A couple of replacement parcel shelf hangers. Not sure why I have two that look normal size and one big one (ooer missus). Free to good home since I can't guarantee the sizing.
Previous owner lost that bit that keeps your jack in place in the boot? Look no further. Again, free to good home.
Now, here are some clips for mudguards. I bought them because my Puma had mudguards, which not all do, and the clips had mainly rusted away. Couldn't really find the right size, so bought a couple of sizes for other cars. Can't remember if I had much luck. Part numbers 1019287 (Focus 98-05) and 1019285 (Ford Galaxy 94-00). If you know any of these are good for you, you can have the lot for nowt.
A couple of 1 litre bottles (unopened) of Ford Super Plus Premium antifreeze, the purple one IIRC. Costs a bit to post, so both bottles for, ooh, a tenner? I think that's enough for a complete change once diluted correctly.
NOW SOLD Four screw in clips for your official Puma floor mats. Brand new. Part number 5029995. A fiver for those.
STILL AVAILABLE If you just have a broken or lost one, I also have another three (yeah, I don't know what happened to the fourth) that are used but perfectly good. You can have them singly as required or as a trio - free, gratis... so as a trio would be better for my postage costs!
BUT, NOW SOLD you can get the four brand new screws shown above ABSOLUTELY FREE if you also order these: the official floor mats I had in my car. Not bad condition, I've cleaned them up and they're in good nick. Dog/smoke free car. Slight wear under the driver's heels. Let's say, I dunno... £25. Sounds reasonable with the screws included, doesn't it? Yes, yes it does.
P1000316 (2).jpg
P1000317 (2).jpg
NOW SOLD Problems with your heating? You and every other Puma owner. Here we have a replacement heater control valve. It is used, but I put it in the car less than 2 weeks before it got pranged, so it's basically new. It's not a Ford one, as I paid a premium for the previous one I had direct from Ford, and it gave up within a year. What's the point?
This is a TRW one, which is a better (and more expensive) make than most of the eBay cheapies you'll see. How about £15?
Now, I had not one, but two heating problems, I discovered. The second issue was the heater control panel itself, so I replaced it - twice, as the first replacement also went. Great. If you've replace your HCV and still have erratic cabin heating problems, this could be the culprit. I have both the working one and the slightly, well, sometimes-working one here available as a pair. The reason I offer both is that they have slightly different designs. One is the standard silver (left), the other more of a gun metal silver (right). Both for aircon systems. Both looked fine in my car but you can have the choice. It's very easy to swap the electronics from one to the other so you can pick which you prefer. The working electronics, again as far as I remember(!) are in the gun metal one on the right.
Next up: NOW SOLD an iPod interface for the standard radio head unit that comes with the Puma. Very easy to install, it will make your unit think there is a CD changer installed (obviously, this means you can't already have a CD changer connected). Pick that as the source and play your iPod through it. Control is either from your iPod or from the unit. Plug and play, no rewiring or anything. Now I know that style of iPod connector is a bit old hat; it fits an iPod classic, those ones that go up to 160Gb, so we stuck with it. I don't know if you can get a connector that goes into this box with the newer iPod/iPhone connector on. So... £20.
And finally NOW SOLD (until I find something else at the back of the garage), on the assumption I won't be buying a turn of the millenium Ford again (but who knows?) I'm selling the engine timing kit I used when I changed the head gasket on a previous Puma. It worked. It's simple. It's effective. It's a tenner.

Cheers all. I've moved on to an old Audi TT now, which is faster and more solid, but has even less room in the back seat! :roll:
Can I take the floor mats and screw clips please for £25.
Please pm for payment method.
I work in Londinium if that helps.
Oh, I've also got one rear wheel bearing kit and an ABS sensor ring on eBay. Let me know here if you're interested, I could probably do a deal for the pair. :eek:k:
I'll take the sensor ring and the iPod thingy
Hi mate, I'll take the timing tool, pm me for payment method and postage etc, cheers rich
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