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Dec 16, 2017
I dont post on here very often but have used the site over the time I've been a member to help keep my much loved puma on the road .

But it is with much sadness that I have to report that some dickhead crashed into my puma this mornig while it was sat outside my house and has writen her off .

she was hit hard enough to break the front wheel ,snap the steering rack end and the anti roll bar and bend the drive shaft ! as well as twisting the lower suspension arm and the bottom of the strut .
the wheel was pushed back that hard the A pillar is bent and now the bonnet no longer sits flat and the top edge of the passenger side door sits away from the roof

Now the real gutting thing is the asshole drove away !

how sick do I feel ? VERY is the reply .

in the last 3 years I have had her I have spent £400 on welding to Future Proof her , new suspension all round (1 1/2 years ago ), new front discs ,new battery (4 months ago) as well as a new clutch with the lifter a Full engine service including belts an water pump full exhaust including flexy pipe at the same time .(6months ago)
And right now I have, new rear hubs plus bearings and anti lock rings , hand brake adjusters ,plus new cables also a new petrol tank .all of which were to be fitted this weekend

my insurance say I will lose my no claims (30 years so much for PROTECTED NO CLAIMS) if I claim and they will give me buttons for her so what can I do but scrap her.

I might split her down if theres enough intreast so if you want anything drop me a line soon.
now before anyone says get another an swop the bits I'll say I would love to but new baby = lack of cash and the fact that theres no front wheel meaning I can't even move her.

Rant over .I will get another cause its one of the best cars I have ever driven (and in my job I get to drive loads of cars )but right now it ain't happening

I am so gutted I cant put it into words

so if anyone is after any parts let me know Pick up only from south liverpool
So sorry to read this. That is one thing that is hunting me as well with mine; I have fear (everyday bigger and bigger) that when I do everything I wanted on the car someone drunk/drugged would crash into me...

Feel for you, get another one while it is still possible
Sorry to read that, I'm not sure how you would lose all of your no claims for it? Hopefully that turns out to be rubbish.

I hope it all works out whatever you end up doing, not sure how quickly you'd be selling parts. If you can prove it was in reasonable condition then I'm sure they'd give you a fair price back?
Very sorry to hear of this. There is also an uninsured insurance fund that part of all our insurance premiums pay into .Have a google to see if it covers hit 'n run cases. Most protected ncb policies I've seen allow 2 incidents in 3 years( or something similar to that).
I agree with Red,I can't see how you would lose all of your ncb either, check the small print on your T&c's.

Just a thought,In view of the baby Ian G i is nearby and he may be worth contacting about your car as may very well be interested in view of all the new parts & also be able to transport it. He is on this site and has a FaceBook page too.

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