AP coilovers or TA technix ?


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Apr 23, 2022
Sadly the front suspension on my puma is ont it's way out so I want to put in some coilovers !
I have heard lots of great thing about AP coilovers so they are an obvious choice, But I can get my hands on a set of TA Technix for about 300€ less than the AP's. I have heard mixed reviews some great some bad so I'm not to sure.

Has anybody here had experience with both ? I would love some insight.

(PS: I have found AP coilovers for 630€ and TA Technix for 360€)
Well I've been through this toppic few weeks ago. Guys here advised me on AP stuff, good quality for a resonable price. Still waiting to get my set but I hope I can shere my experience in a couple of weeks :)
AP are ideal for road use. I am on my second set. I bought a second hand set that I had on the car for 10 years until a rear damper lost all its oil.
A tip from me is to cover the front springs with spring socks / covers. I went through 4 front springs that failed where the paint had flaked away and corrosion had caused weakness then failure. Not had one go (touch wood) in the 5 years I’ve had these on. Replacement springs are available from KW who are (or were) the UK distribution agent for AP.
Ive recently fitted AP coils to my 2000 mille. Impressed at the road suitable ride they offer. Can easily absorb the British country roads no trouble. Much more confident when you're leaning on the car in the corners.

Good ride height flexibility and are stiffness adjustable. Well happy with them.
I’ve got the TA Technix coilovers. Had them for about 2-3 years. Had no problems with operation or quality. I’ve taken them off to do other work a couple times and seem to be holding up well so far with a small amount of wear. Ride is very stiff and feel every uneven bit of road, feels very solid and stuck to the road at speeds, round corners etc. Going down bumpy roads isn’t much fun! Some people would say go with blistien or ap etc as they will be better quality and last longer. I’ve had ap’s on a old car and don’t think there’s a great deal of difference. When choosing for my next car I would still go with the TA’s.
Thanks for all your answers, i ended up going with some TA Technix suspension wIth short springs, so far so good I have had them on about 1000KM, I will post a thread about them when I have drove the a bit more, but for 300€ I would say they are a great deal !

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