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May 13, 2021
owner since: March 2021
model: 1.7 '98;
dash: 28000km;
original colour: metallic black
current colour: matte white, original roof (work of previous owner);
rust: little, both me and local Ford mechanic were expecting much worse sight :grin:
new parts: ST200 front brakes, coilovers, exhaust system (stock, thank god), parking brake :roll: & battery

I'm just 20yo at a college and with my first paycheck from this year's summer job (+ something from my savings) I decided I need something more agile and better in corners than a public bus (super cheap with the student status tho). After weeks of checking websites for a car I saw this white Puma for the first time of my life.

Never seen this car on the roads in Czechia. I did not like its design at first, especially the headlights, rear wheels seemed small compared to the space the fenders had, rear bumper was high - whole ass was high & rear lights did not fit my taste as well

But 1 ton weight with 92kw for 24 000czk (= 800 quids) as a starter car? Sounds just perfect right.. I checked many reviews and then called the owner for a test ride. Right there everything I did not like about the design went aside and the pure driving experience in corners on local roads sold me into buying it the same day. Just bought new summer tires, brought it to mechanic for switch and just enjoyed going into corners at 90kmh every single time. And even 3 months later it still brings a big smile to my face.

Friends talk about it since nobody saw such car neither before and in the matte white it looks just great. When I drive it sometimes small kids wave
and even once when I let some woman pass a crosswalk she flirtly waved at me. Slowly I started to like the exterior as well and now when I go by a window at home I just stare at the puma parked in front of the house for a minute straight.

I've been on this site for some weeks now because having a community with same passion and same troubles solves most of the problems a lot faster than doing it on my own. Since then I gained insine amount of experience about the components the engine is made of, how to solve common problems, what causes them, etc. Whatever doesn't seem right I try to fix it on my own or with father's help and all thanks to this site and Fiesta tutorials :grin:

Nothing of this would have happened if one of my friends didn't persuade me to try this car out when I was searching for a summer ride. Fortunately here I am, living happy moments. You people are invaluable to me, so have patience with me please.

:cool: welcome to the site and congratulations on the Puma!

They are addictive little cars, I had 3 before switching to something more new family suitable. I wish I had kept my Racing edition!!

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