Boot lock seized???


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Sorry, can't keep up with everything, was only trying to help !
Paul is a wind up, his comments are always tongue in cheek :rolleyes:

On topic, I noticed that a number of European spec cars were without remote central locking, especially if they weren't the 1.7.

I can't add much further because I always had remotes and didn't use the physical key (those locks probably would have seized up!)
Just a further thought - if you still have the boot trim removed, can you use a screwdriver, spanner, or similar tool to force the boot aperture lock into the "locked" position, but with the tailgate still in the raised position? If you can do that, you can try to turn the key in the lock, to observe how the lock barrel, release cable and actuator / lock actually move when you turn the key! That might point you into where the system is going wrong. Maybe the cable is stretched and not pulling against the lock, to pop it open, etc.? Just remember to use the electric push button to release the lock, before you try to shut the tailgate again.
Hello everyone, thanks for all the answers, sorry I haven’t been so active lately. I have been quite busy this week with the start of a new uni semester.

@GreenEyedPuma, I don‘t have the boot trim off anymore, but I can certainly remove it again, since it is just a matter of few seconds, and have a look at how the mechanism behaves from the inside, when the car is locked. We have a public holiday here in Czechia tomorrow, so maybe I will use the free for that. For now I just have to put up with unlocking the boot through the front door and then walking back to open it, as I have done for all the years I have owned the car. Luckily it is not too many steps with this tiny car! 😁
By the way, thank for complimenting my English! 🙂
If my doors are unlocked with the key (or key fob) I just have to press on the lock (it's a depressing button) to open the boot
@memyselfi Yes, the button works, but I cannot unlock it through the rear lock, but I guess You have already read that in the thread. But thanks anyway, every bit of feedback helps! 🙂

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