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Feb 18, 2023
Essex, UK
So whilst I am loving the Puma I do have a couple of changes I want to make.

It is currently sitting on 17s with 205/40 rubber and I think this is just a tad too harsh for the roads near where I live, so will be ordering some new 16" and plan to be shod in 195/45/R16 Michelin PS3s. Is a tyre I have had before and always been impressed, the car will be dry/summer use only so not too fussed about wet performance.

One of the reasons I have gone for 16s rather than 15s is I find the braking very outdated, and as the steering and suspension I have no issues with the next logical thing before I make it go faster is to stop better.

I am considering the Mondeo mk3 upgrade at the front to give 280mm of disc a bit of room under the 16s and fill the gap with just the carrier hole to be enlarged.

Rear wise I have what once was refurbished RS2000 4x4 setup which was modified for a Mk3.5 Fiesta sat in the garage from a previous project. I know the seals etc will be shot as been sat 15 years, so would send the callipers for a full refurb and seals etc. My question is as this year of Escort used similar ABS will the sensors be a direct fit? and also what handbrake to go for? I am assuming FRP which may fit but hoping someone knows the answers. Thanks in advance.

I know rear discs are totally OTT at the moment, but for aesthetics and I do plan more power upgrades later and I hate hate hate drum brake maintenance (too many skinned knuckles) and just the look of them.
Good luck with the upgrades. I don't know re: the rear brakes but you could also check the ST150 handbrake cable as I have vague memories of it being similar too.
I wasn't aware the Mondeo setup could be had with 280mm discs, I thought it was only 300mm like I used on mine which also had 16" wheels. Mondeo Mk3 Calipers & Focus ST170 Discs being as they are the same 4 stud pattern as the Puma.
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I could be wrong so ignore me if it does indeed have a 280mm disc available.
Just an update for this, after inspecting the RS2000 setup, it doesn't have ABS or a way to retrofit it easily.

So have obtained ST150 front and rear setups which will be stripped and refurbished.
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ST150 calipers also have the same size pistons as the puma calipers (54mm if i remember) so you shouldn't notice any difference in pedal travel unlike the Mondeo calipers which have larger pistons (60mm i think) and tend to result in a slightly longer pedal travel feel.
You are right Yippee had looked at far too many numbers when I posted lol, after a nights sleep I am going to go the ST150 280mm on the front.
Indeed . . . no drilling involved if you use the ST150 setup, straight bolt on . . . get some braided hoses too !

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