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Jan 18, 2019
OK so a few questions following a bit of diving into the rabbit hole of camshaft upgrades:

- If I fit a performance camshaft (eg Newman cams fast road/stage 2) do I need new pulleys or will it work with std VCT system?

- If it needs new pulleys can I use something from standard Ford parts bin eg 1.6 pulleys or do I need Vernier pulleys?

Newman site talks about possible fuel injector upgrade:

If I change injectors to give more flow, can I use another Ford injector? If so, which one?

Is the EFI system 'closed loop' - if I fit new injectors, does it automatically dose the right amount of fuel, or does it run rich?

If new injectors are fitted, do I need an uprated pump and/or fuel pressure regulator?

Given all these variables, is it best to get it rolling road tuned after all these changes?

I've recently fitted the Newman FRP cams to my 1.7. You can use all the original stuff apart from you will need new shims, especially for the exhaust side.

Mine were within tolerances with the normal cams, but after fitting the FRP ones they needed to be 50% bigger.
In the end I ended up getting them custom made to my measurements from lightening motorsport. (Ford no longer stock them.)

Hope this helps.

I changed my cams, had a FRP remap and run a FRP exhaust I am due to have a Lightening Motor Sport inlet system fitted. All existing standard parts are used. I have heard that the standard injectors can run up to an extra 20% capacity. As above only parts needed were the shims. Speak to Chris at Lightening Motor Sport.

OEM injectors have been tested to 200+ bhp boosted application so no need to upgrade for a cam change.

Also the intake (VCT) pulley can't be changed. You can only change the exhaust with a vernier but it's not mandatory. Most fast road cams are set either in OEM timing or FRP timing (exhaust slighlty advanced IIRC).
Also for fast road cams you can run with OEM ECU but to take full advantage of them it's better to remap it. A common and cheap choice is to use the FRP ECU file.

I've been looking at getting a pair of the Newman cams fast road cams, where would I go about finding the frp map file?

I got my ECU done by PumaNoob on here, maybe he's still about? Top guy.

Make sure you get the shims for the Newman cams. My intake side was pretty close but the exhaust side well out.
(I got mine custom made by lightening motorsport.)

Hi pumanoob is Eroll Williams. You can find him in puma owners group in Facebook.

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