Engine only cranks, doesn't start [FIXED]


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May 13, 2021
Puma(1998 1.7) parked for 2 weeks in garage. Engine cranks after installation of new battery, but won't start. Something slightly burnt smelled in the cabin after cranking :oops: All fuses checked 2x and they are good.

Car did start and ran smooth yesterday with old battery in it but that died yesterday when I left keys in ignition over night :roll:
With new battery in and some more gas it did not start after many tries either.

So not a fuel problem - Fuel pump makes hum noise, plenty of fuel pressure in fuel lines (but to take out these red/white piece of shits was a real deal. Firmly grasp it, pull a bit towards engine, then pull outwards; took me few tries)


I also noticed ~120mA drain on the battery caused by "Main power supply to vehicle electrical system" fuse (39)

Sadly none of the wiring diagrams were useful since that fuse was nowhere in there to be found.

While testing battery connection (disc./connecting positive pole) there was a click sound coming from 1 of these relays marked on the pic below (not sure which, hard to see in there). Not sure if it helps anyhow


Any more bright ideas?
1. Get pissed
2. Pedal to the metal
3. Lit that bish up
4. Profit
(5. if not work, repeat!!)

Also screw the battery drain it could be anywhere
I had a battery drain on mine & it turned out to be the interior light I'd swapped out for an LED item. It was actually draining the battery while off - except it wasn't actually off it was just very dim permanently when it was supposed to be off off. Over time it drained enough for it not to start the car as it was regualrly parked for weeks/months.
Mine interior light is disconnected, out of the car atm. Also 120mA is a lot already for just a bulb. Hard to say what it could be

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