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Aug 22, 2023
Hi all, newbie here.
Just acquired a 1.7 1999 model.
Will the suspension from a mk6 fiesta st fit my car.
Think I skim read that the fiesta suspension is the same as the puma?
If this doesn’t fit would you be able to tell me what model/mark fiesta do fit?
TIA 👍🏼
No...In a word. Similar in principle but thats about it. Someone here fitted a MK6 rear roll bar to the puma but I wasn't convinced it would work with regards optimal mounting points
Puma is same as a fiesta 4(Oval face and facelift) but has different, damper rates ,stiffer front roll bar, allegedly stiffer rear axle torsion beam with added width at the hubs.
I'm looking to stiffen the rear on mine by fitting powerflex trailing arm bushes and welding in extra bracing on the axle centre.
Oh look at that....:D!
Surely welding in metal underneath the crossbeam (reducing torsional twist has the same affect though?
Thanks got the replies, I read the other day on here that Ford courier front springs fit too with better ride height to the front?
Is that a particular year or all diesel models? TIA 👍🏼

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