Ford Fair Sunday 4th August 2019


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That's how it works with PMs, they are in Outbox until they are read, at which point they become sent.
mrpantz83 said:
Hi can admin please send me password to book ticket for ford fair many thanks

Hi - I'm afraid Admin don't have the password - you've got to PM Cherie as it says in the first post:

Cherie said:
Adult Day Ticket – £25 per person
Up to TWO children aged 14 and under FREE with each paying adult. Additional children £5 each.

A Camping Pass add-on is an extra £10 (on the gate £15)

*Please note all bookings are subject to a £2.00 booking fee[/list]

You will need to use the online portal provided by the organisers to book your tickets, and you will need to PM me for the password.

Please do NOT email me, as it may get flagged as spam and missed.

We 'admins' aren't trusted with that kind of valuable information :grin: .
If any of you would like to purchase some Project Puma stickers to collect on the day please let me know by this Sunday (14th) they’re £2 each in a variety of Puma specific matched colours :wink:
Next on my sticker like will be a big projectpuma across the rear window in yellow I think
skittles85 said:
Newbie here it will b my first time at ford fair an can't wait. Jamie

Yay you made it! You may have to post again in order to pm Cherie for the booking code mate :eek:k:
Just ordered my fordfair tickets can't wait to join others on the projectpuma stand :grin:
Sorry Cherie

We won’t be on the stand this year as Kelsey want our car for the 21years of modern fords stand :(


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