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grogee, st220kyle,

Excellent question. Running joke in the USA is that a manual transmission is also known as the millennial anti-theft device as the overwhelming majority of cars on the road are automatics. Interestingly enough, our postal vans are RHD to accommodate the driver being able to pull up to the curb and drop off mail into a mailbox without ever exiting the vehicle, so... <insert fat American jokes here>

Having driven LHD and RHD in the UK, I will say this much: Being on the different side of the road throws you off way more than the seat you are sitting in. If anything, the RHD aspect of the value may add interest simply because a lot of us yanks will view it as more exotic. I can't speak for all of us, and only time will tell what kind of interest this thing drives if it survives the inevitable journey to the states, but I will be sure to share the stories, good and bad!

That's just my two cents though!
Here's a link to a downloadable PDF Workshop Manual Ford Puma 1.7L EFI 1997-2002:

And another parts link:
RHD is an eye-catcher at car shows. Someone who doesn't know what this car is could easily walk past without taking a second look, just assuming its an escort sport or something like that until they see the steering wheel on the wrong side, then they stop and pay attention.
Hey all!

Been a busy week! Just spent the better part of today putting up a shed so I can transport my storage from the garage to make room for the new Puma. Still waiting on a few extra bits to show up to start the restoration on the sills and the wheel arches, I will probably make a new thread in the project section when I get to that point and I will make sure to update anyone interested in following this one. I put a cover on her for the time being by the way.

Seems the majority of the work required is going to be bodywork/cosmetic. The volume knob on the 6000 RDS had melted itself into a clay like substance, decided to swap that out. The dust cap on the driver seat has a crack I plan on repairing, if anyone has some tips on disassembling the Recaro seats without breaking the plastic covers even more, that would be awesome!

Mechanically she drives like she's new. A little rough on the roads not sure if because I am not used to the low profile (my daily driver is a E90 320d M-sport suspension edition, so I'm used to a rougher ride) so I am not sure if I should look at the shocks/struts before I ship back to the states. Interested to hear some perspective.

Will throw some pictures up tomorrow if I have time! Just wanted to pop in to keep all you awesome people up to date.
Hey all, started a thread under the projects section "The All-American Puma" where I will be posting more about this one's future, feel free to check it out!