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Feb 16, 2016
Tonbridge, Kent
I was looking through eBay the other day and was amazed to see the number of cars for sale in excess of £2,500 (one had an asking price of £14,000 but that’s another story).
On looking at the photos I would say 70-80% where showing evidence of rear wheel rust (therefore probably inner sills etc).
I am amazed what people think these are worth the asking price and describing them as in good condition and a collector’s item in the making, I suppose my point is that unless you do research into the Puma before buying you could be suckered into buying a car that you believe to likely increase in value to one that could be pretty much condemned to the scrap heap at the next MOT due to rust!!. These cars where being sold for only a few hundred pound 2-3years ago, I bought mine for £300.
I know it’s buyer beware when buying used cars and that cars rarely sell for asking price but to think that these cars are worth anywhere near that at the moment is madness surely as even the ones In actually good condition and low mileage/owners are constantly being relisted and still not getting a buyer at £5-£6,000. Which is what you likely end up shelling out on one at £2,000 with the rust issues in bringing up to the same condition.
All for Puma’s becoming collectible but not quite yet I don’t think. FRP excluded that is of course (I can only dream of owning one now)😔
This was also said back in the day about the mk1 Escort, Cortina and loads of other cars....classics have to start somewhere. being the age I am I remember back in the 60s when these cars were new in the show room. a few years later they would be scrapped for the sake of a £100 repair needed for an MOT. Our Puma's are no different.

I think you missed my point, £2,500 + for a puma that needs probably at least as much spent on it again (doing it properly not just patch welding over rust) at this moment in time???
Really not sure we are at that stage yet are we?? I get that in another 10-15years we might be talking different numbers, who knows
To be fair “back in the day” I don’t think anyone thought of any car as a potential investment or buying as an investment. There was always a market for dream cars Ferrari etc, It only seems to have stemmed from the 80’s generation revisiting buying cars they wished they could of owned back in their youth, from the puma to do the same as the cars you mention we will have to rely on that trend continuing and moving onto something else, like paying for the gas and electric 😜😜
There are a few Puma's in excellent condition, but many with welded patches to get through another MOT, my Thunder for one, but I purchased it cheaply as a spares car and have done over 6K miles so far (currently on 153K miles) and its got through 2 MOTs, first one needed £80 worth of welding, second one just a broken front spring, but it is a bit rough. My MSB one is on 59K miles and has no visible signs of welding , checked last month whilst it was being MOt'd up on the lift and the arches look fine, so 2 very different cars.
We recently spotted a "mint" low mileage Puma at a show, which I believe had just been purchased for several thousand pounds, but the MOT history revealed it had failed a couple of times on rust, whether it had been done properly or just patched up I don't know.
Values are definitely increasing though, the interest at classic car meets and shows during the last year has really increased, partly due to increased awareness as a result of the articles in Practical Classics, as far as I know there are only about 3,000 Puma's left on the road.
As always, buyer beware and advertised prices are often different to sold prices.
gingerdave said:
Difference between Pumas and early escorts is Pumas are a nice to drive road car and escorts were world class leading rally /race cars.Pumas have no competition heritage.

That’s not strictly true there was a works rally puma, might not have had same heritage as the Escort Mk1/Mk2 but a competition rally car none the least. Furthermore, there is the puma cup series that seems well represented, a non works series but another example on the pumas ability on the track.