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May 17, 2014
Bought my first panther black in 2000 brand new from dealer. V reg. Loved it. Traded it in for a stupid Mazda6. Bought a second one a few years later, again panther black, that had failed it's MOT. Lesson learned, as it cost me more than it was worth to fix it and as it was just for running about it, I wasn't overly fussed when the person who bought it from me had it scrapped.

Times change, kids get older and being only a few months' away from turning 50, I decided earlier this year that it was time to look for another one, and spend hours and hours (and hours and hours and hours) delicately doing it up. Long story on how it came to be mine, but found one on the Solway Firth, under a tarp. Had been there for 6 years.

After 7 months in my garage, it passed its MOT this morning with flying colours. Not even so much as an advisory and the inspector even commented that "that wee car has had lots done to it". Worth the effort. Chuffed to bits.

Car cost £350 and another £1000 (ish) getting it up to spec. New everything, from parcel shelf clips to 4 new boots and bonnet release cable. And everything else in between. Those days of watching and helping my dad fix his old Cortina and Montego and tinkering ever since with my own cars, paid off. From my daily routine of being a Solicitor in the Sheriff Court to my evenings under the Puma have been seamless. I know where I prefer to be!

Needless to say I had to buy a Mig welder and teach myself how to weld. After early rubbish welds (and buying a useless gasless welder - those Puma panels are really thin - that was soon replaced), sunburn from the welder (don't ask!) and lots of hours practicing, I ended up proficient enough to tackle the car. Needed a bit of welding to the usual problem points, culminating in what I can only describe as acting like a contortionist when it came to the rear axle. Car now rust proofed for at least another year. Hopefully.

Anyway, it's another one on the road. Taxed from Friday and it will be wheeled out occasionally, if only to embarrass my kids!

Now I need to pick a name for it, as it ain't going anywhere....Puma1.jpg Puma2.jpg
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Oct 23, 2021
Well done, I recommissioned my Puma after many years spent under a tarp too - glad people make the effort with these super little cars 👍

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