Front Door Speaker Amplified help !!!


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Mar 22, 2017
Guys a realy need help

I can not connect the cable to the speakers !!!!
How do I step between the door and the car?
The rubber does not let pass


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Do you mean you cannot physically get the cable through or there is something in the way?

If it is simply that you cannot get the cable through, push a more rigid wire through first then connect the two and pull back.
If there is something in the way, what is it?
No, the connector is too tight. You will never be able to route that high quality cable through. I ended up drilling two separate holes (one on door, the other on the car and routed the cables through that
as above there should be more grommits or holes in the door and a pillar for you to feed a wire through
Could you not connect speakers onto original wiring then splice into car side...
In other words you can make a loom from behind stereo that directs from hu to amp then amp to speaker using the cars orignal conectors
Yes you can, but those wires are of laughing dimensions and quality. If you fit the good high quality speakers and a good amplifier, you should upgrade the cables as well
I believe that the connector that goes between the door and the car body is not the type that will allow cables to be pushed through. The 'plug' end that we see in the picture contains pins/contacts that are hard wired from behind it.

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