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Mar 31, 2018
Selling No 311. Just passed MOT this week and I have done 67 miles in it last year!! Stage 1 engine service carried out by Chris Allison last year

Stage 1 engine service consists of this:
Removal of Exhaust manifold, Gearbox then Engine

(Aircon compressor separated and left in situe still pressurised)

Inspect condition of belts, pulleys etc

Remove all exterior engine components – clean down the engine block and cylinder head

Remove complete inlet system – Clean oily residue from the crankshaft ventilation system

Remove both sump sections and renew crankshaft seal and rear crankshaft retainer plate – thorough clean of sump section, removing old sealant – refit with new bolts

Renew the Cam shaft seals

Replace Cam tensioning system – torque by hand using specified settings (correct SPX/Ford tooling used for cam lobe position)

renew fluids including new gearbox oil and coolant

Clean and check all engine bay earth fixtures

Car restoration done by CarMagic.

Front brake calipers stripped new seals fitted and repainted in the correct colour

Milage is 88,903. Interior is in good condition and lots of paperwork with car.

Looking for £16500 but am open to sensible offers. 5 mins from J29 on M1

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