Frp and Puma Gathering plus FPP Parade - Sat 5Th July 2014


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Oct 19, 2011
If you would like to join the biggest annual FRP gathering of the year, please read on this is my first time organising this event so I may be somewhat flaky around the edges.
This event is hosted by RS Owners Club Bristol. The club stand is RPOC.

The event takes place on Saturday July 5th, and as with previous years FRP and Puma owners invited to participate in a giant paddock display, and (for FRPs) the famous lunchtime parade around Castle Combe circuit (typically 3 laps). All Pumas park in the same display area.

The parade cost is one admission fee and a £5 donation to the event's charity.
So for one FRP and one driver it will be a combined cost of £17* if you want to parade at lunch time.

Advance* entry ticket to the show (each occupant of your car will require a ticket, including drivers) - £12.
Children under 16 get in for free
(*Tickets on the day will be £15 each).

Due to the popularity of this event, I will be purchasing our tickets in advance; this allows our group of arriving Puma’s to smoothly enter the site in one group without having to stop to buy tickets on the gate.

If you wish to attend, please read the below:

You can pay by either using Paypal or by sending me a cheque. If you want to send a cheque please pm me for the address to send it to. I am very happy with cheques so that paypal fees are avoided
For Paypal (take out the spaces and change dot to .) happy dot kat dot guern @ gmail dot com
If you are unsure of my email please send me a PM and I will reply with it typed out.

Please ensure to send payment as a GIFT so no charges occur.
With your payment please include your name, full postage address, Puma type, car registration number and forum name.

If you wish to send me the payment by other means such as Cheque (at your own postal risk) then you need to send me a PM for details.

The pre-purchased tickets and paddock passes will be handed out on the morning of the event at our pre-meet assembly point of Morrisons supermarket, Chippenham. This is a great place to grab breakfast and last-minute supplies, plus there is a BP petrol station on the entrance road to the store. Please be courteous to other users of the store car park.

Those attending should aim to arrive at Morrisons between 0815 - 0845hrs - the whole group will be leaving Morrisons at 0900hrs promptly.

For anyone thinking of staying the night before, there is a Premier Travel Inn just across the road from the Morrisons meeting point.

Note: Racing Puma owners who are taking part on the lunch time parade - as with previous years there will be insurance indemnity paperwork form for you to sign on the day that will permit you to take part. Do please bring your driving licence as from memory you need the number for the indemnity form.

Closing date of entries is going to have to be Sunday the 1st of June to allow me enough time to get our fees in without flapping. I have posted this in 5 places and will do my best to keep each post with one combined list of attendees.

Who wants to come along :)

happy-kat/corsa Kate +1 FRP + parade not paid
dogsbody Graham FRP paid
748 Paul0008 +1 FRP + parade paid
David V4 FRP +1 FRP + parade paid
Simon FRP + parade paid
Hello Kate - welcome along.

Maybe a newbie thread might help for those that don't know you? Glad to see you've spread out to the wider Puma community.

I take it this will be a joint ProjectPuma / RPOC stand?
That's a first post! Hope you get a good turnout!

I think I've been to this when I had my FRP, is this the RS Owners day event?
Yes this is the big RSOC Bristol event, and yes you have been once I think :) usually a roasting hot sunny day.
Hi all, this event is shaping up very nicely.
An update.
I will be sending off payment for those that have paid on Wednesday 4th June and not later.
If you have not paid before I send off the paperwork then it is not a certainty that you would be able to display your car on the stand.
The parade entries have to be submitted and paid for BEFOREthe event.
Tickets for extra passengers can be purchased at the gate on the day and there may be a spare stand pass availble but I can not guarantee this.
happy-kat/corsa Kate +1 FRP + parade paid
748 Paul0008 +1 FRP + parade paid
dogsbody Graham FRP + parade paid
David V4 FRP +1 FRP + parade paid
Simon FRP + parade paid
Vas FRP paying
Chris FRP + parade paid
Lisa possible
Ben FRP + parade paying
The old gimmer FRP + parade lap paid
John Deane FRP + parade paid
Alex Goodier FRP paid
Alan FRP + parade paid

For those coming I need to also have a contact number please and a mobile as preference or alternatively home number, I have just established I need this when I fill in the forms for sending this WEDNESDAY the 4th June.
All main drivers I do need please:
your full name (first and last name)
full postage address
Puma type
car registration
telephone number
All of those attending (except Chris) I must have a phone number to please.

Note: Racing Puma owners who are taking part on the lunch time parade - as with previous years there will be insurance indemnity paperwork form for you to sign that will permit you to take part. Do please bring your driving licence on the day.
The form can be found here of you want to come prepared." onclick=";return false;

If you have any questions please ask away and I will try my best to answer them.
Looking forward to this.
Sorted a few more payments in today so that looks like a last minute flush, just waiting on two more later and then that is it all closed as it hits the post box, will share final numbers later/tomorrow once I am free of filling in forms :)
That is it all payments now in, forms done sealed and will be posted first thing. :cool:
I am accepting no more pre payments.
I will have only a few spare stand passes so tickets can always be bought on the day or directly from the website. But please check first that there is a spare stand place before turning up.
Will update attendence list tomorrow.
We have 18 FRPs and one Thunder on the stand :cool: Names below.
Kate FRP
Paul FRP
Graham FRP
David FRP
Simon FRP
Chris FRP
Dave FRP
John FRP
Alex FRP
Alan FRP
Ryan FRP
Darren FRP
Dean FRP
Kev Thunder
Matt FRP
Mike FRP
Joanne FRP
Barry FRP (possible)
Lisa FRP (possible)

Whilst I am not going to process any more advance tickets myself, I have asked for a few extra spare stand passes, so if there is anyone else who would like to join us at this fabulous event please let me know. Advance tickets can be bought online directly or tickets can be bought on the day at the gate (the price is £15 each adult on the day). But please check with me first to see if I have a stand pass you could have.

Right now I have spare passes it would be really great to share the day with any others who would like to come rock too.
Nearer the time I will post about where we are meeting and what you need to bring for the day.
It's great so pleased, really good and there are now 19 confirmed cars and I still have a couple stand passes with no name as I was given a couple extra in the post.
So any takers please let me know.
18 FRPs, 1 Thunder and 2 possibles. Looking fab :cool:
Will be posting a repeat of meet details soon.
Not long now, to get you started.
For those of you coming to the FRP and Puma gathering at the RSOC South West regional day at Castle Combe, here is all the info you should need for the day.

You should aim to have arrived at Morrisons no later than 0830hrs. If you plan on having a Morrisons Coffee Shop cooked breakfast, don't forget the store doesn't open till 0800hrs.

Keep to the left as you drive in, and park neatly, rear end into the kerb, one car to a space in the crescent shaped parking area to the left of the entrance road.

The store should be quite quiet, but please exercise caution when walking around, as the sight of so many cars that are all the same colour means that the general shopping public tend to stop looking for pedestrians. There is adequate paving behind the parking to stroll up and down.

I would also encourage everyone to pop into the store to buy any last minute supplies for the day. The store also has an excellent coffee shop, and toilets with baby changing facilities. There is also a BP Petrol Station on the entrance road to the store.

I will be handing out the tickets and parade passes to everyone at Morrisons and will be stationed on the pavement behind my FRP. Those of you who don't know me look for the FRP with white wheels and red mudflaps.
It is for you to find me and ensure you get your pass/ticket(s) by 0845hrs.

IMPORTANT - As well as giving you your tickets and paddock parking passes there may be an insurance indemnity form to complete and sign for which you do need your driving licence. This would be for those who intend to parade at lunchtime.

We will depart Morrisons at 0900 sharp. If you are unavoidably delayed, please phone me and I may make arrangements to leave your tickets on the gate (this is an emergency only option - do not use it as an excuse to be late just because you didn't want to get up early).

Maps for our route are here.
Please familiarise yourself with the route prior to the event, and if necessary, print a copy for the day.

There will be route-experienced owners spread throughout the convoy. They are:

Kate Umfreville K8 FRP (FRP)
Ben Addison (FRP - F2 spoiler)
Vas Lashley (FRP)
Graham Gillings (FRP)
John Deane (FRP)
Alan Mowberry (FRP)

If in doubt, follow one of them!

Please drive carefully and with consideration for other road users keeping within the speed limits. It is a convoy, not a race, so please keep the car ahead of you and the car behind you in sight.

When we arrive at Combe, we will be entering via the paddock/competitors entrance, this will be sign-posted. Please have your tickets ready, and your paddock pass clearly displayed. A degree of patience will be needed too as getting nearly 20 inside will be slow.

Once in through the gate please follow the FRP in front and any directions you are given, leaving your car neatly aligned next to your neighbouring FRP once on the stand.

If you are not parading you may care to park on the side of the stand so as to make it easier when it comes to releasing the FRPs for the lunchtime parade.

More about the parade later.
Really looking forward to this.
Information about the FRP parading part of this fab day.
If you are not parading you may care to park on the side of the stand so as to make it easier when it comes to releasing the FRPs for the lunchtime parade.

You are then free to enjoy the event, but please be back with your car by 1200 noon in preparation for the parade laps. Again, please exercise patience whilst waiting for us to be directed to move out for the parade - The parade laps do not take place till the morning's track sessions have cleared, and as was the case last year following an accident, the track sessions were late finishing - hence the parade was late starting. I cannot get you all moving until I am given a prompt from the parade director.

Parade lap - For those of you who haven't paraded before, this is not a race! We will be marshalled out onto the starting grid. Please ensure you have your headlights on. Please be patient with this process, as the marshals are having to co-ordinate a lot of cars on the day. The idea is that the group remains in formation around the circuit, and that you should not exceed 40 mph. Parading is very enjoyable to see and experience but this is not track time. Be aware you will very likely have no valid car insurance whilst out on track.
The parade lap will be led by
Dave and Dave and one other as the parading rows are usually three abreast

However, please be under no doubts, that if any of the track-side marshals see really silly behaviour (like overtaking through the group), then the entire group will be pulled off track, thus ending the fun and will probably result in us not being invited back again which after the good fortune of so many years this would be real bad.
Castle Combe has a strict noise limit but as this is a parade and not track time there should naturally be no blasting of exhaust noise but please be mindful of this.

Once the parade is complete we will leave the track and return to our paddock parking area. Again, please exercise patience during this process. On returning to the paddock parking, please park in an orderly manner as per when you arrived in the morning - we need to get everyone back on the stand!

The prize-giving usually takes place at 1600hrs at the Strawford Centre, so if you think you're in with a chance for an award, then it's worth attending. This would be if there is say best car on parade award from the event organisers.

The events will finish about 16:45 hrs, and any remaining people will leave at 17:00 hrs.
Really not long now :D
Not long now, don't forget be no later than 8:30am at Morrisons and find me for your tickets (we will leave 9:00am sharp), please have the right money if you owe me, bring your driving licence (you might need it to parade), when we get to Castle Combe park to the side on the stand if your are not parading so as to make it easier for others parading and be back at your FRP for noon midday. All the details nitty gritty stuff is on various posts I have already made but please ask if anything is unclear.
I have been toying with the idea of coming along right now my FRP is not in the greatest shape (dreaded rust) However if I did decide to come and join in the fun, I would have to pay at the gate as I have left it a little late, with me doing this will I also be able to join the paddock with the other FRP? It would great to see other examples and meet some people that share the same love for the FRP as I do. :grin:
Excellent come along too. :D
You need to be at Morrisons please by 08:30am Saturday as you need to come and meet to get a stand pass, without that you can't come in with the other cars.
If you want a chance of parading your FRP please also bring your driving license it might be required it would be £5 charitable donation payment.
Under 16s go in free.
This is brill to have another car on the stand.
Look forward to meeting you.
Just got back from a great day at Castle Combe. A bit of a wet start but we finished up getting a bit sunburnt :grin:
Well done Kate (and Gary) for the organisation :thumbs:
Was great also to meet a nice bunch of people, looking forward to the next one.

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