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Hello there, have had my puma 4 months now and have managed to get all the necessary body kit parts except the fro t splitter or a front bumper valance which would then complete the cosmetic side of things , Richard Mansfield2 I've seen the splitter that you produce and was wondering .....well actually hoping that you could produce one for me, hope this post is ok but I've come to the end of my rope in searching for one
Hi everyone.

Just for your info. regarding the splitters. The mold had become so used and a referb of the mold was beginning to be out of the question. So, hopefully when I can get round to sorting it due to covid I am going to make inquires to make a new mold and find a company to produce them for me. I used to work in the boat building industry and as such it was easy for me to do this sort of thing. Now I have been retired for a year my options are now limited. The splitters also look great on the mk 5 Fiesta. I will keep every posted on this thread. Those of you who have sent PM's I have held on to your details.
I hope this info is of help


I had one of your splitters a few years ago so I know how good they were.

I may be interested in buying another depending on how they look on a MK5 Fiesta... do you have any pictures with one of yours fitted?
Hello Richard, me again :)

So if i got it right you don't make them now and are still searching for a company to produce them?
think i'll see it here then when you start production again.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Richard,

I am new to the Forum, Would you be able to DM me as I cannot message you directly - I would like to Order a front splitter from you asap.
Thank you
Thanks - But I think I am sorted now - If my plan doesn't work out I will be back intouch Richard.
Hi everyone.
Promising news on the splitter front at last. I have found a company that has quoted a ball park figure for making a new mold and producing the splitters. I am going to see them next week and will then have a definitive price. Obviously there has to be production runs. Can I ask those still interested to register please in order that I can ascertain numbers for the initial production run. I can now post photos and below is one fitted to a Fiesta.



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Hi Richard. I'm still interested for a splitter. Just to be precise we're talking about a splitter made for the normal width bumper (not the wider FRP one). I just hope the customs will be kind to me. :grin:

Ohh that seems lovely Richard. I'm in Greece. I was joking mostly. I don't think there will be any considerable custom fee.

I went to visit a fiberglass company who have for many years specialised in automotive products. They can make a new mold for me. The cost of a splitter will work out to be £129 plus what ever the delivery costs. To deliver to mainland UK works out to be about £22.

Is there still intrest at that price.

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