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May 6, 2013
Elmstead Market Essex

I decided to restart this as a new topic as the other one by the same name is a bit stale. As you know I now have recovered the original mold from which I was producing the splitters.

I myself do not need a splitter. I know there is a lot of interest in this. I have given the subject some thought and come up with the following plan. I would approach the best manufacturer which I visited last year for product quality and prices, give him the mold at no cost for him to produce the splitters. I would then have no part or connection with production or marketing from that time forward. Any purchases would be direct from the manufacturer.

Before I approach him with my idea it would be useful for me to have an idea of the numbers he would be expected to supply to PP members still wanting a splitter. To that end I would ask all those interested to register their interest before the 1st of September to give him an idea of numbers. Once I have an idea of numbers I will approach the manufacturer with my proposal. We can then move forward from that point.

Hi Richard

I will register my interest as I'm sure they fit the Fiesta Zetec S, but unfortunately whether I buy would depend on cost and availability/timescale - I have limited funds during the month so cost and availability would have to coincide with that.
They are for the standard Puma only. They fit the Fiesta and the Renault Clio. I have sold them for those cars in the past


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Great news! Count me in for a piece (provided that the supplier can ship overseas).
I have contacted Fiber sport regarding my Idea with the splitter it looks as though it is going to happen. I am meeting them on Wed. 21st to finalize details. I will update than.

Regards Richard.
I went to Fiber Sport yesterday and had a meeting with Steve the owner. I have given him the mold for splitter production. I am no longer involved with the manufacture or supply of the splitter. This is the link to the website of Fiber Sport.

Please direct all enquiries and orders to Fiber Sport. They have manufactured GRP parts and accessories for vehicle over many years. When I was researching a manufacturer to make them for me I was happy to use Fiber Sport. Now I am not in the equation as a middle man the process should be streamlined and costs reduced.

have any of you managed to buy on their site?
I contacted them twice and never got a response :-(

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