Help! Puma keeps stalling and the speedo has stopped working


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Jun 26, 2014
I’m really hoping someone out there can help. About a week ago my 1.7 2002 Puma started to stall as I would slow down at junctions and traffic lights. The car is fine idling but yet stalls as the revs go down as I’m approaching a stop.

Then soon after that the speedo stopped working. The needle moves round when I start the car but then just stays on zero whilst driving. The following day the engine warning light came on.

I had the car looked at my a mechanic and he scanned the car for codes and it indicated there were issues with the clutch and fuel gauge. And yet both of these are fine.

He thought the problem could relate to the crank shaft sensor so I had that changed and that hasn’t made any difference.

After reading more about this online I’m wondering if it could be the speed sensor? I’ve located it in the engine and it’s all connected properly. Could it be this that needs replacing?

I’d really appreciate anyone’s help or advice, and if I do need to replace the speed sensor where can I get one as I can’t seem to fine one at any parts store and reluctant to get from a ford dealer because of the price

Thanks in advance if anyone can help
Yes speed sensor, but I would also look at the clutch position switch/sensor, problems with this show symptoms of what you describe (revs go down as I’m approaching a stop) it may also explain the reported error code of the clutch.

Have a search on these forums to find other people with a switch problem, look under your clutch and a switch should be visible.
Thanks loads, I went down and checked the clutch switch. It all seemed fine no loose wires and plugged in correctly. It is likely that the clutch switch would affect the speedo?

Any idea where I could obtain a speed sensor?
You can ask IanG on these forums as he does a lot of puma 2nd hand parts, all as described, very dependable.
Or look on eBay, IanG's shop is called PumaBits ask him for a quote.

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