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Lorenzo Zaga

Jun 1, 2021
Hello everybody, finally after years i can take part of this nice group of puma's enthusiasts. My puma was bought by my family in early 98, it is the first series, 1.7, moon dust silver, fabric seats and fan wheels. It has always been the sports car of the country, adored by everyone and especially by me. I was little and the car was used by my parents. It was my pride with friends, everyone loved its rumble and looks. Meanwhile the years passed and the puma began to age, the paint was fading and his Sunday outings had turned into daily driving to work. My parents used other cars more neglecting the puma, meanwhile I could not in any way save it, because I still could not drive it, I was too young. Meanwhile, I found the most important person in my life and got engaged, together we have a passion for cars and we like the usual things. The puma had been left by my parents in a workshop for sobbing problems, they continued to use other cars and the puma was now spending months in the workshop. I started working in the family business and making a living with my girlfriend, years had passed and the puma was abandoned in the garage parking lot. Neither my girlfriend nor I had forgotten about the puma, but unfortunately I couldn't drive it and my parents didn't know what to really do with the puma. When one day my girlfriend took me to the garage and showed me how sadly the puma was reduced ... faded paint completely, sun-baked interior cracked tires and still the engine problem, the workshop did not know how to solve and my parents had asked them to sell it, so together with my girlfriend I decided to buy the car of my dreams, the puma who drove me around as a child, the puma who made me feel the most important next to my friends, my puma. The same day I paid my parents and made the change of ownership finally the puma was all to us. I immediately started the first works, I cleaned all the brakes from rust and painted the calipers blue, I bought new winter rims and painted them myself, I bought summer rims with sports tires, I repainted it all in its shining moon dust and applied it its beautiful graphics, I found the problem in the engine and by myself I fixed it, meanwhile i reached the driving license time to driving my puma. The puma was finally back to its glory. Now it is back to roar and to make smile everyone as it once was, and for us it is the most beautiful car there is and is part of our family. :grin: :grin: :grin:

Sorry for my english i'm from italy, my name is Lorenzo and i'm very happy to meet everyone and to share my puma story. I post some photos with drive links, i hope you can see.









I've done some mods in my puma to make it unique, like Puma logo decals, japan racing rims with toyo proxes tr1, bmc performance filter, phatsbitsuk steering wheel cover sewed by me, alpine unit, blue calipers and drums, new coolant hoses, cleaned all engine bay, new battery, black tail lights, fog lights and indicators, and now i'm cleaning and restore the full leather interiors complete with door cars from another puma, and when i have a few minutes i'm gonna assembly in my puma. The engine problem was the MAF, i just cleaned the old one, it was very dirty, and now the puma is perfect. Thanks everyone for listen my story.
Welcome to the site :cool:

It sounds like you have quite some history with your car :)