Intermittent fast idle (high tick-over).


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Dec 10, 2008
For some reason my Puma has, over the last few weeks, began to idle or tick-over higher than it should. Typically, starting from cold it will race up to about 1800 rpm, but that I think is fairly normal, but then settle quickly down to approx 1000-1100 rpm, until when warm and operating normally it drops to about 950. However, once the engine is properly up to temperature, it can intermittently begin to idle at about 1200 rpm, so typically when you come to a stop, say at a junction or whatever, and push the clutch in, it will only drop to 1200 rpm, and sometimes it will stick at that until you resume your journey, other times, within a few seconds it will drop to 950 rpm. Sometimes it doesn't do it at all, but on most journeys, it does now seem to do it at some point.

I've plan to take the MAF sensor completely off and clean the sensor wires with MAF cleaner, generally check for any air leaks between throttle body and air filter box and clean the throttle body butterfly valve and where it seats on the body (I know that gets carbon deposits form there).

Anyone experienced this high tick-over issue before and/or have any idea's on sorting it?
Thanks for the help Red. What am I looking for with the Clutch Pedal Position Switch (6992957) to tell if it's causing the problem or if it's faulty? I presume it's that pressure switch in the foot-well that the physical clutch peddle operates?

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