Larger Fuel Tank


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Apr 2, 2012
Hi all,

Wondering if anyone has looked into fitting a larger fuel tank to their Puma?

I know the S1600 ran a larger fuel cell / bag type thing, can't find any pics of it or specs though. Would be interested to know a bit more about how this works.

The most standout obvious answer to me for my application is to do away with the rear seats, cut the floor and have a custom fuel cell fabricated to mount through the floor, and then have a false floor / firewall fabricated to house it all under and keep it hidden, essentially keeping it all in line with the boot floor level which will keep it looking somewhat OEM and also help combat any additional smell.

This would allow me to run up to perhaps a 60L fuel tank, as well as run a nice fancy internal lift pump, swirl pot and high flow fuel pump arrangement (see Nuke Performance CFC for what I have my eyes on).

The other option that requires less fabrication I was considering, is maybe fit a fuel tank from a Mk7 ST180? They are 48L from memory, and can pickup from Pumaspeed an uprated in tank fuel pump which would provide enough flow for my needs. The advantage of this is it's plastic as well so don't have to worry about a rotting fuel tank under there.

Interested in other suggestions though. Have considered just buying a replacement OEM fuel tank and then fitting a decent uprated fuel pump for my needs.

Maybe Sam ([ref]d170sam[/ref]) would have some useful insight, I recall he had potentially similar musings