My 99 1.7...


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Jan 10, 2021
My 99 1.7.
Hi all.
Pic of my ride is long overdue.
Nothing fancy.77k when I bought it.Put 2k on it since.Just a boggo model(think its a Lux) with ac,cloth seats in a v dark blue interior.Plan when I picked it up 2 years ago was to keep it stock and leave it in the garage as a cheap weekend car that hopefully will go up in value.It was on the latter alloys but I much preferred fanblades so got hold of set,had them overhauled and fitted.Given the year I think it still counts as factory!?
Its pretty straight underneath but I'm putting off the bubbling arches till next year.
Then I scratched my trackday ich..slowest on the track,under steered terribly and it developed a light throttle misfire at the end!...Thou it stopped doing it after a fresh set of plugs every so often it still does it,very intermittently....
So......I figured it needs more power...but its gotta be subtle and look like its ment to be there.
My last car was a 205 2.0 turbo which developed all its power under 6k and wasn't a satisfying engine to rev out so this was going to be NA.
I picked up a 50k rusty spares car and I'm just getting the engine from it back together after a (let's call it )stage 3 rebuild using Lightning MS parts with input from Team Hadfield MS. Chris Ellison exhaust with a FRP tape ecu.Hope to swap it out later this summer and put the original engine into storage, just in case.Got some ST150 front calipers to go on as soon as I've had them rebuilt.Need to look out for a set of used track tyres to go on my original alloys.The standard Yokohamas are a good road tyre but not doing it any favours when you push them!
I'll probably end up going the coil over route to loosen the back end up as long as I can keep it supple enough on the road...ongoing...


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The fan blades are my favourite from the standard wheels too 😎

Good luck with the project, can't wait to hear how it goes.
I'm with you Red. Think the curvy props go with the curvy car : )
Unique to the Puma...and never seen from the factory on an Escort back in the day like the later multi spokes.Just a pity you need spacers to get good brakes under them!!

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