My Hillclimb Puma with new'ish front end


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Jul 18, 2021
Hi Guys
Thought I'd drop in to show you my hillclimb Puma 1.7 in action with its new {ish} front end , full under bumper splitter and two large cold air intakes to a Gauld Racing Airbox .... runs well ... lots more to do still running the stock exhaust manifold ... in cam footage on youtube .. look for Guernsey Hill Climb - Gregs Puma ... all best Greg

GK&MC Hillclimb_06-08-2022_CAR-130.jpg
... happy to say the front end works , diverting the air to where its needed and pushing the remainder over the bonnet :)

Guernsey National 2022_CAR-238.jpg
Guernsey National 2022_CAR-100.jpg
IMG_20221119_144041.jpg Thanks for the positive feedback , this is about as much "grass-roots" racing as you can get .... lots of mods to follow ... the front end was "quite" an easy mod using 6mm ply , the splitter goes under to almost touching the front wheels . 😃

Car is now being worked on for next season 😃🏁😃

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