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Feb 6, 2014
I went to view this yesterday, I left a deposit and just waiting for the private plate to be transferred and original registration number put back on.

It's very tidy and has been well looked after, all original apart from the stereo and no rust on the arches.




There's a few little bits that need doing, the boot mechanism is a bit sticky as you can here the solenoid working but takes a few presses to release the catch and the original stereo (supplied) needs refitting. I'll also be giving it a full service and go through all of the brakes and the belts.]
Looks lovely!

Good job I didn't see it as I'd have been tempted too! :lol:
It's very clean and tidy, I can't wait to collect it although the flooding in the area might put that on hold as a lot of the roads are closed.

I've ordered all the service parts this morning so weather depending they should be here tomorrow.
The service parts arrived this morning, although still waiting for the sump plug :roll:

Air filter
Oil filter
Fuel filter
Carbon activated pollen filter
NGK PTR5A-10 plugs
Mobil Super 3000
Once I pick the car up and see what style coil pack it has I'll order some new leads too.
I've done a few bits this evening before the light totally went.

First job was pulling the airbox lid and replacing the air filter and cleaning the maf.
In all fairness the filter looked almost new, but I replaced it anyway and will keep it as a spare.
The 2 wires in the maf did look a bit grubby but I didn't have any carb or electrical contact cleaner so it's gone back on untill I can get some tomorrow.
Next job was the pollen filter, and whoever designed the puma/fiesta system deserves a medal. I replaced the filter on my st a few months back and what an absolute nightmare it was.
Anyway the filter in place looks to have been recently changed although was too small and was loose in the housing, replaced with a correct size carbon activated filter.
The magnetic sump plug arrived this morning, although heavy rain meant I couldn't do the oil change.

I also managed to semi fix the 3 button remote fob. Initially the fob would only work intermittently, so first thing I tried was a new battery. This made no difference so I pulled the fob apart and noticed the boot pop button in pieces and as the metal cover moved around randomly shorting and causing the fob to randomly work and not work. Also I noticed the battery contacts were slightly bent and not making a good contact with the PCB. These were bent back into shape and a small piece of heat shrink placed over the top of the highest microchip to stop it shorting on the battery. Hey presto, it works and even more surprisingly It didn't need reprogramming even though the batter had been in and out several times and for 10-15 minutes at some points.

Anyway I've order a new key blank with 3 button fob and will get it cut and programmed.
Some more bits for the puma arrived today.

Aux belt and tensioner
Mk3 focus mist washer jets
New key blades and 3 button fob
A new oil filter tool as the the cup style one I have doesn't fit over the oil filter.
This evening I removed the overly complicated and naff Kenwood stereo with the much simpler and far better sounding Sony deckless stereo I had knocking around.
The sony is not an expensive stereo but it's in my eyes a lot better. It's not as bright and is dimmable, has half the buttons the Kenwood has, is far easier to navigate while driving, sounds better and does what I want with far fewer button presses.

I also cleaned out the maf.

Attempted the oil change, unfortunately it didn't go to plan.
Dropped the oil with no problems.
The sump plug was a bit tight for my liking on an aluminium sump but came off relatively easily.
Then it came to the oil filter, God knows what the guy who fit it was thinking but it's unbelievably tight. I tired the usual oil filter cup style thing which wouldn't grip it, and it broke my Halfords advanced oil filter removal band, there wasn't enough room to get my chain style tool around and I couldn't find my 3 arm jaw tighten as you undo style tool. So for now I've had to put clean oil in with a dirty filter. So that's just over 4lt of oil waisted as I'm going to have to do it again when the new oil filter tool arrives.

Anyway while I was out I changed the candle power side lights for some of the led bulbs I used on the st.

I also fit the mist washer jets, while I was at it I removed the plastic resonator box from under the bonnet.
Replaced the fuel filter and broken band.
And replaced the number plate bulbs as one had blown.

And a couple more parts arrived.
If you get desperate on the oil filter removal, loads of people on here in the past have gone through it with a screwdriver to lever it.

i.e. here's a thread about the same.
I used to use a screwdriver to move them, but I've heard reports that on really tight filters it can just leave the threaded part still stuck on the housing and the casing ripped off.. A few years ago I was struggling with a seized filter on a 1 4 Sigma engine, non of my removal tools would do it, so purchased the 3 legged crusher type, it worked, but I had to use a breaker bar to get it to move !
I had some fun with the puma this morning, one of the inlets on the hcv broke off leaving me stranded on an Asda car park.
Fortunately I've been here before with an old mk4 fiesta I used to own so I knew what o needed to do. Although I had to walk a mile to b&q to get what I needed.
Trying to remove the hoses led to the rest of the plastic pipe fittings breaking, luckily I was able to fish out all the bits.
Anyway, I'm home now and just ordered a new one.
Febi Bilstein do supply some OEM items to Ford. At a guess they probably supply these, so you saved nearly £100:
Spent some more time on the puma this morning.
I finally managed to get the oil filter off, although it needed the big wrench to get it moving.
At first the arms on the tool wouldn't grip the filter so had to improvise again.
A short section on silicone hose gave the arms something to grip on and eventually it started to turn.
Bit of a naff picture as it was cloudy but the oil filter is bent and deformed due to how much force it took to get it to undo.
New Mann filter installed, hand tight.
Then I moved onto the gearbox torque link, the old and original one was shot and the squeak every time I changed gear or let off the throttle was driving me nuts.
And new one fitted.
Still waiting for the hcv to arrive so fit some new bulbs as the bulbs fitted are pants.