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Fitted my OMP wheel:

fits fine except the mountenay boss is wrong. the hexagonal hole isnt lined up right to get the wheel straight!! Its definitely the right part number too. So im going to cut up the old wheel and use the wheel center to have a correct boss made so the wheel sits straight.
Never made it to ford fair as my thermostat housing split!

Started making my new boss as im not happy with the aftermarket one that doesnt line up straight!

So take one ford ka wheel, pick the rubber off then attack with a grinder:

I now have the basis for my new boss:


Just need a top plate mounted on top which will have the wheel screwed to it, a bit of a tidy up and some matt black paint and it should look good. More importantly it will be straight and IMO stronger than the aftermarket piece of crap which looks to be made out of soft monkey metal alloy where as the ford wheel centre seems much harder material.
Loooking good so far, like the new wheel and those seats look the wheel and not being straight, great job with making your own centre boss but would it not have been easier simply to adjust the steering rack ends then re-track it?...just a thought :?