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May 6, 2013
Elmstead Market Essex
Hi everyone.

This topic may invoke controversial thoughts, I would ask you to ponder and consider my sentiments. Many of you know that I have a foot in both camps of modification and restoration. With regard my restoration see my thread 'My Mini restorations and twin engined Mini' on page four in the topic of Other Vehicles. Also if you read my project thread you will see how much I have done on my Puma which I have owned for 18 years now. Unfortunately my Puma has to sit out side in all weathers and gets covered in all sorts of muck and dust. I have reached the stage where I am fed up of trying to keep it pristine and weary of repeatedly polishing out the swirls and the haze.

photos from phone 21082020 156.jpgphotos from phone 21082020 157 - Copy.jpg

My Puma is probably as good as it is going to be without the benefit of an expensive bare metal respray and from now on will only continue to deteriorate. So, I have spent a fair amount of time deliberating on having it wrapped, perhaps in a satin gun metal gray. That was until I paid a visit to a local company that specialises in all sorts of high quality vehicle wraps where I came across this in the workshop......

Car wrap 022.jpgCar wrap 023.jpgCar wrap 026.jpg

In the flesh the detail is outstanding and the 3D effect is fantastic. So I thought I would have a very very similar wrap to this or even adapt this one for my Puma. Right I can imagine some of you throwing your hands up in the air with horror but just bear with me.

Some of you will say that it will devalue my car, not so, as I plan to keep my car for the rest of my days. The monetary value of my car is irrelevant it does not matter to me if it is worth 2k or £2.

It will further protect my car paint work from deterioration therefore maintaining its condition.

It can be stripped at a cost of £150 revealing the paint as it was at the time of wrap even after 10 years.

Finally on a personal note I have been a slave to restoration and convention so I thought I would be outrageous and do what I want to do. I am sure that at a car show, which I intend to do many of in the future it would attract more attention and interest than say a Ferrari or E Type Jag. albeit for the right or wrong reasons.

I open the floor to comments please.

:cool: I think it'll look great, really interested to see the Ford adaptations on it.
My compliments richard!! Great idea, wrap a puma is give to it a modern touch of class and the best thing of wrap is that the final effect is amazing and when you want the old puma look with its original colour you can remove it :wink:
I think that’s outrageous and controversial… and you should definitely go for it! :grin:
Hi Guys,
Thanks for the positive feedback. I must admit I was surprised that the feed back was 100% positive for my plan. I did expect the odd view that to do such a thing would be sacrilege. So some time this year it will probably happen.
How decent does the bodywork have to be before a wrap? does it deal with the odd little dent and scratch ok?
Hi Ben
When I went to the company to enquire about the wrap I did ask about what you posted. The chap said he did get people come to him who thought it would hide a multitude of sins which it won't. I would think it would cover small abrasions and suffs that buffing would not get out or body repairs that have been filled sanded and primed but not top coated and possibly small stone chips. Perhaps you should make an enquiry to a local wrap company to you for a definitive answer.
I have or did have two identical Puma's I sold the other one about 3 weeks ago. I have got the ball rolling on my wrap. I have been and paid a deposit and the company are now working on the design.

This is what I am going for but distressed like the Datsun



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Pleased to hear that you've sold the other Puma, it's still advertised in this month's PC.
As your Puma is modified, I think the wrap will look great.
Hi Richard, no articles on Puma's, buy there has been in the last 3 magazines. Apart from your Puma, there's another one in the For Sale section. Also James Walshe, likes his Puma, so much, that he's not going to be selling it and has rented a garage for it, so I think he's hooked like most of us.

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