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May 4, 2016
Well, here's something I never thought I'd be writing.

Due to a change in work, I have to sell my Puma Thunder. Anyone who has read my posts will know how much it has had spent on it, with all repairs and servicing done by Ford themselves. It is pretty much as standard, with nothing modified - apart from I took out the original stereo for one that would play my MP3 files from a memory stick. The original one will be included in sale as I won't need it, of course - just in case someone wants to refit it.

Current mileage: 136000.
MOT expires April 2019 - there was an advisory for the Brake Pipe corrosion but this has been replaced whilst Hanstons (my bodyshop guys) has the rear axle off.
Condition: overall, pretty good. All leather, good condition, everything working (although the A/C, which I never use, isn't very effective). It does have the new Steering Wheel that I purchased from Wild E Coyote - black with red stitching. I also replaced the Headlight Seals as one was slightly torn and it annoyed me - bought from Project Puma, of course. Paintwork will need some attention (part of my original plan for 2019) but I think that is the nature of these cars. All the underside has been undersealed by Hanstons after they did some welding a couple of years ago, so is still pretty good, I'd imagine.

Back in 2017 I added up my bills... https://www.projectpuma.com/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=30999, which back then was £4200. I've spent a bit more since then, and always looked after the car with a view to very long-term ownership.

I'll certainly be sad to see it go, but things change, I suppose, and the changes at work have forced my hand a little bit. If someone from here is interested, I'd be happy to pass the car on for £900 and will give it a week or two before putting it on Pistonheads/Autotrader. I'd much rather it went to someone who appreciates it.

Car is in Altrincham, Greater Manchester.
Damn, if this post was on here a week earlier, I would of had it off you.
My engine has packed up and im forking out £800 to get another engine fitted this week.
Good luck.
Haha! Such is the way of things. Hopefully it will appeal to someone here, hence the low price on the forum. It's bizarre, but I have to admit to getting a bit attached to my cars, and this one certainly has done that, so I'll be sad to let it go. Maybe it's to do with the memories and events we create with them.
Hmmm... I'm starting to think that I've actually priced this a bit low - people keep emailing and asking what is wrong with it! :?
Oh well. As an update, I've added a bit of history to my ads on other sites:
Main costs, as completed by Ford Dealership, are:
May 2013/73017 miles - Service+Front Arms. £393.00
April 2014/86510 miles - Service+Front Discs+Pads. £371.00
Feb 2015/94217 miles - Service+Spark Plugs+Fuel Filter, etc. £479.00
Apr 2015/100142 miles - Rear Brake Shoes. £100.00
Jan 2016/108165 miles - Timing Belt. £434.00
Feb 2016/108694 miles - Service. £178.00
Oct 2016/110108 miles - Ignition Coil+Key. £382.00
Nov 2016/117738 miles - Window Regulator. £357.00
Apr 2017/121632 miles - Service+Park Brake system replacement. £879.00
May 2017/121632 miles - Thermostat. £191.00
Nov 2017/127539 miles - Engine misfire. £169.00
Nov 2017 - Spark Plugs (diagnosed and replaced at Camco). £163.00
Mar 2018/131527 miles - Service+Brake Discs+Drive Shaft leak. £566.00
At this rate I can see it going to WBAC as I need my parking space for my new car!

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