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Jul 14, 2021
Hi all,

I have an 02 reg 1.7i Moondust Silver Puma. I bought it brand new from a Ford Showroom and I'm the only owner. Yesterday it passed it's MOT until 15-07-2022. It has a genuine mileage of 22912 miles. There were a few advisories from the MOT but all in all, apart from the odd scratch around the bumpers and a bit of corrosion on one of the wheel arches, it's in good condition.

The advisories are -
- Brake pipes covered in grease both Nearside and Offside rear
- Suspension component mounting corroded but not considered excessive both Nearside and Offside (inner sills)

Realistically considering the mileage, what price is a realistic asking price if I advertise it for sell?

Personally, having looked around, I'd start at £6k and see where I go from there?

Thanks for any advice

If it's clean, in good condition (people will be looking for as rust free as possible and it sounds like yours might be), well serviced (cambelt history will come up), then sure, price it according to what else is around, people will offer you whatever they feel it will be worth given their criteria.

It certainly has low mileage and owners in it's favour, for 6k though I'd probably be expecting it to have had remedial work for the corrosion.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do!
Yup, good luck.

Insane if they go for that price but if someone wants to pay that for a now rare car (especially at those miles) then I say good on you.

Mad that I paid only £1300 for mine back in 2008 with 44k on it. And sold it for £500 a couple of years later.....

And I'm still on this site - WTF :lol:
Thanks for the replies.

I'm pretty sure it would be worth my time and money to get it looking as good as possible to get the best price.

Thanks again :)