speed sensor blows electronic engine control fuse


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May 13, 2021
I had mine transmission+clutch changed and now when I plug speed sensor in the Electronic engine control fuse (15V) gets blown right after I turn the key into 2nd position, not even 3rd (in 3rd it doesn't even crank). Also no fuel pump noise!

Already had some issues with that sensor due to unisolated wires by the upper connector but those are not the problem this time.

Ideas before I try to get another sensor?

Also for how long can I drive without plugged speed sensor if it would be necessary?
And how difficult it is to get out old sensor and new one in? I read that there is no need to get under the car, that it can be done from the hood
caprixpack said:
It's fairly straightforward but there's not a lot of room to get to the sensor. It just screws into the top if the gearbox.
Thanks ok.
Remember the wrench size btw?
As above. I drove mine for a year without it working as it was the drive in the gearbox that had gone. I used my rev counter as a speedo.....just have to know what speed you are doing at particular revs.