Withdrawn - Ford Puma 2002 ULEZ free. MOT to may 2024. £1000


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May 21, 2023
Leighton Buzzard
Hi all , the little Puma I bought is now for sale. Ive had enough of trying to get the intermittent starting issue sorted, I've no patience.
There is just over 73000 miles on the clock which is low for a car of this age. There are marks and scratches to the exterior paintwork with minimal rust. The photos are an accurate representation of the cosmetic condition of the vehicle.

The interior is tidy and without any major tears or staining.

The car has just had brand new discs and pads along with new engine oil and pollen filter.

Saying that however, when the engine is running it runs and drives beautifully with no stalling, no backfiring, no overheating, no smoke from exhaust. It does not run rough at all. The car pulls nicely through all gears and there is plenty of life left in the clutch. No knocking or noises.

I have changed the fuel filter and rocker cover gasket along with new spark plugs and a new ignition coil. I didnt bother changing HT leads.

I have not had the car long, I bought it as a cheap project but I'm fed up with trying to get the starting issue sorted and don't want to spend any more money on it so it's for sale. Perhaps someone with more knowledge of these things can sort it out and have a future classic or break it for parts.

The car is ULEZ free which is a rarity given the age of the car.

There is almost a full year left on the MOT with no advisories. Unfortunately the service history is missing. (One Key)

£1000 Leighton Buzzard.


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Good luck with the sale.
It might be helpful to add a price and location (I assume Leighton Buzzard) for any potential purchasers.
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