1997 Puma projeckt , with Audi's 1.8t quattro soul


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I'll try my best, in Finland you need to choose a Puma model with first registration in 1997, which you can make a change of traction. So I couldn't use my 2000 body. So we picked up a 1997 model body 700 km away. And it was rusty! 🤣
A few pictures of the initial situation, but the rust has already been repaired. I had to make the repair shutters myself because I couldn't find ready-made ones anywhere quickly. Technology donor a3 I took the middle tunnel off
The bottom plate is starting to be ready, the construction of the places for Audi's longitudinal support arms was quite a big job for the Puma's body.35BAE783-F068-4A9E-9EC6-C7DB7EE98997.jpeg
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Then I started to place the 150ps power class machine in places
I welded the raised pieces from the Puma beam to the support beam of the Audi


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Out of interest why a puma and why did you choose this engine?
The idea came about because I live in Finland in the winter, so maybe four-wheel drive would be nice. So I drive Puma in the winter for my commute. The Audi a3 technology was affordable, of course I didn't think about putting a Puma 1.7 machine with a turbo. That would be a great package.


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What a project, love how you have it on that spit to turn it over, great progress so far and a lot of effort I'm sure!
In the back, we had to make room for the upper support arms for the frame beams, maybe you can see it better from this angle.
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Do you want more bottom welding pictures here or is this a nightmare to look at 🤣



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