ABS and TC lights on but no OBD2 codes?


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Nov 27, 2023
County Durham
Hi all, started working through the MOT fail list today, and also received an OBD2 code reader to see if I could suss why the ABS and TC lights are on. The reader is showing ‘no codes stored in module’ when I check it - surely there must be an error there? Any ideas?
I have FORscan demo (free) on my Android phone - should detect faults in the ABS unit - main limitation is the number of channels you can monitor. If its says no faults and you can read data from the ABS unit check the instrument panel and wiring to the warning lights.
If you cannot connect to the ABS unit check the wiring to the ABS unit and in particular the ground and any corrosion in the connector.
On most cars the ABS fault lights are fail safe - when the ignition is on the ABS unit must provide a signal to the instument panel to switch off the lights - no signal and the lights will remain on.

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