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Mar 2, 2009
I came across this guide on another forum so if it works on the escort i can not see why it wont work for the puma.
First of all you need

Digital dial and multiplug from a MK4/5 Fiesta, Puma or later Escort

You then need to remove the dash binnicle, original dials.
then wire these 2 plugs up to the new loom

White plug

1 : Violet – Positive(Switched)
2 : Empty – Low Fuel Warning
3 : Empty - Low Washers Warning
4 : Black/Green – Glow Plug??
5 : Black - Earth
6 : White – Fuel Level
7 : White/Green – Water Temperature
8 : Black/Yellow - Handbrake
9 : 1 Black/Red wire & 1 Black/Green wire - ABS
10 : 2 Black wires - Earth
11 : Violet/White – Main Beam
12 : Orange/Blue - Illumination

Blue Plug

1 : Blue/Black – Indicator (left)
2 : Blue/Green – Indicator (right)
3 : Black/Yellow - Door Ajar Warning
4 : Black/Green – Traction Control Warning
5 : Empty - ??
6 : Black/Green – (Switched Positive)(Goes down to number 12 on BLUE plug)
7 : Blue - Alternator
8 : White/Black - Tachometer
9 : Black/Red - Airbag
10 :White/Green – Oil Warning
11 : Empty - ??
12 : Empty - Positive (Switched??)(Linked from No12 on WHITE plug) this plug which goes into the back of your new dials

1 permanent 12v (taken from elsewhere as its not in the blue or white plugs)
2 12v switched (on the plugs, linked to pin 22)
3 spare
4 spare
5 spare
6 spare
7 left indicator
8 illumination
9 system monitor (wire to ground)
10 alternator
11 oil indicator
12 handbrake
13 ABS
14 spare
15 spare
16 air bag
17 ground
18 vehicle speed sensor (taken from cable in ecu)
19 spare
20 spare
21 tachometer
22 12v switched (linked to pin 2)
23 fuel s/com (wire to ground)
24 fuel ref (fuel guage)
25 water temperature
26 ground (low wash)
27 ground
28 ground
29 right indicator
30 full beam
31 Door open
32 spare

This is what the wires on mine looked like

I used the perm live feed from the clock, and spliced into the original wires without cutting the plugs of (just in case
it did n't work), then it can go back to standard dials if needed.

If there are different colours to the wires just just count down
from the blue and white plugs 1 - 12, to find the wire that you need.

Just take your time and double check all wires before connecting.
I did it by first connecting the Perm live, switched live and then
the grounds, then adding one wire at a time i.e handbrake, then turning
on the ignition and seeing if it lit up, after that move on to the next wire, untill they are all done. Then just fit everything back
together and double check that everything works.

The speedo cable will now be useless because the speedometer on
these dials is electrical and takes a feed from the ECU. So you will need to find which pin is the speed senser on the ecu,on the escort its pin 3,it might be the same for the puma,but consult a wiring diagram FIRST!!!

The fuel pump will need to be removed and the wires switched over that are near/on the float, otherwise the fuel gauge will read in reverse.

Self Diagnostics Mode

The Self Diagnostics Mode gives you in-depth information about your engine and the actual numbers in digital. To use it, follow the steps:

* Insert Key but do not turn it on
* Press and hold the Trip Meter Reset Button
* While holding the reset button, start your car and continue holding the button
* Within 10 seconds, the display should change to "test" in LCD font and the needles will do a full sweeping. Release the Button

Pressing the button will now cycle through some 17 different modes

* 1.Shows a Gauge Sweep
* 2. Shows all 8's on the LCD (LCD TEST)
* 3. Illuminates all the bulbs on the dash
* 4. Displays hexadecimal value for ROM level
* 5. Displays the hexadecimal value for EE level
* 6. Shows DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code)
* 7. Digital Speedometer - mph
* 8. Digital Speedometer - kph
* 9. N/A
* 10. Digital tachometer
* 11.Fuel volume
* 12. Engine coolant temperature
* 13. Battery voltage
* 14. ABS fail
* 15. Electronic brake distribution (EBD) failure
* 16. Illumination
* 17. Crank Sense

Odometer Display

GAGE Activates gauge sweep of all gauges, then displays present gauge values. Also carries out the checksum tests on ROM and EE. If the gauge sweep is inoperative, INSTALL a new instrument cluster.
All segments illuminated Illuminates all odometer segments. If any odometer segment is inoperative INSTALL a new instrument cluster.
bulb Illuminates all micro-controlled indicators and LEDs. Install a new indicator or LED as necessary.
r Returns to normal operation of all micro-controlled indicators and LEDs and displays hexadecimal value for ROM level. (used when requesting assistance from the hotline). If alternating flashes for FAIL and ROM level are displayed, INSTALL a new instrument cluster.
EE Displays the hexadecimal value for EE level (used when requesting assistance from hotline). If alternating flashes of FAIL and EE level are displayed replace instrument cluster.
dt Displays hexadecimal coding of final manufacturing test date (used when requesting assistance from hotline).
dtc Displays continuous DTC's in hexadecimal format. Pressing the SELECT/RESET button will display any DTCs stored before proceeding to the next step. See index below for description of trouble codes.
enG Displays the English speed in MPH. Speedometer will indicate present speed within tolerances. Display will show 0 if input in not received. If input is invalid for one second or more, or if speed is 0.
m Displays the metric speed data in kph. Speedometer will indicate present speed within tolerances. Display will show 0 if input in not received. If input is invalid for one second or more, or if speed is 0.
tAc Displays the tachometer data received from the PCM via the SCP network within tolerances. Tachometer will indicate present RPM. Display will show 0 if input is no received, if input received is invalid for one second or more, or if engine RPM is 0.
FUEL Displays the code (0-255) for the fuel sender input to the HEC. The fuel gauge will display a filtered fuel level value. This filter will keep the pointer from moving suddenly or erratically.
255 open send +/- 0
232 full stop +/- 0
215 Full mark +/- 10
178 3/4 mark +/- 8
138 1/2 mark +/- 7
93 1/4 mark +/- 5
41 E mark +/- 4
54 Low Fuel (0-59)
0-18 short (0-20 max)
OIL Displays the code (0-250) for the oil pressure switch input to the HEC. Oil pressure gauge will indicate present oil pressure. Normal oil pressure (greater than 6psi) will display a value between 000 and 176. A low oil pressure or an inoperative engine oil pressure switch (less than 6 psi) will display a value greater than 176.
dEGC Display of engine temperature in Degrees C input from cylinder head temperature sensor.
49 C "C" mark
60 C Normal band start
120 C Normal band end
-40 C No SCP message for 5 seconds
bAtt Displays the code (0-255) for the battery voltage input to the HEC. Battery voltage gauge will indicate present battery voltage.
93-102 6.2-9.1 volts, low voltage
115-124 8.5-10.7 volts, Normal band start
215-225 15.8-18 volts, Norm band end
230-241 16.9-19.1 volts, high voltage
rhEo Displays the present decimal rheostat dimming input, 0-255 (used when requesting assistance from the hotline)
rho Not used.
Cr Displays the current RUN/START sense input. Display will show -h for high input with the ignition switch in the START position and -L for low input with the ignition switch in the RUN position.
PA-PE7 not used.
GAGE Repeats the display cycle

CAR ON FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow great guide. Thank you!

I've fitted an ECU from a later digital Puma on my analogue Puma and everything still works.
This guide could be the final piece to get a digital dash without having to swap every loom in the car!
im doing this on the cabby when ive got a spare weekend,as the escort,fiesta and puma shared the same dash i cant see why this wouldnt work on the puma.Atleast it will be a good upgrade aswell :eek:k:
Even if the wiring on the Puma differs slightly, this guide is certainly a very good starting point to work it all out.
Excellent guide, now I've looked at it properly.

The digital dials only has the one 32 pin connector which is wired from both the white and blue plugs of the analogue system...?
martinthrapston said:
yes thats correct :eek:k:
Excellent, I thought it would be, but just wanted to clarify. :lol:

I may have an idea how we could get this all wired up without having to chop any of the existing (analogue) wiring loom/plugs. I'll have to investigate it though.

Also, as I've put a later ECU from a digital dash in to my early Puma with analogue dash, and everything still works... it shows the analogue and digital aren't as different/incompatible as people may think.....
its just the speedo wire that needs connecting to ecu,i have noticed that some people have used pcb board cut to size and used that to insert into the plugs instead off splicing,pm incoming aswell :eek:k:
SENATEpumA said:
I may have an idea how we could get this all wired up without having to chop any of the existing (analogue) wiring loom/plugs. I'll have to investigate it though.
Oh well, maybe not :(
I'm interested in doing this as I no longer have a mechanical speedo drive, so:

Q1: has anyone successfully done the conversion detailed above^^?

I don't have a standard ECU either, so:

Q2: Anyone know if you can run the speedo input from another source (e.g. direct from a hall sensor on a wheel - possibly via a speedohealer from healtech to calibrate)? In other words, what input does the speedo get from a standard ECU?

Any help appreciated!
Hello. Ok,now i dont have a choice,i must do this. is someone do this already? So if i understand correctly,i dont need to swap sensor in gearbox? Any advice will be helpful, should i change ecu from digital puma too or just speedo? Have all the parts from both cars,digital and analog, just need little experience =) thanks for help
I gave up when I couldn't apply martinthrapston's list of which pin does what to match the digital dash I had. In the end I just bought a separate SPA digital speedo instead. Good luck though...
There are two different digital dials - i asked elsewhere which is earlyer and which is the latter "edition" but still no answer. I don't know /i'm not sure/ if both are from Puma originaly
On one the light under the 220 on the speedometer is airbag, on the other is for opened door/s, and some other bulbs are reorganized.

And it appears that the pins on the wiring harness are a bit different!
For example, in this guide //which btw is copied absolutely everywhere w/o any difference/modification/update and considered ultimate// pin25 is for water (engine) temperature - but on the wiring harness i have it's completely missing. And which of the other pins is the one for temp i still can't find.
Also the airbag seems to be the wrong pin as it doesn't light up on ignition (i have pretensioner error 44 which flashed on the old dials and here it doesnt light up at all)

Any input on this is appreciated.

EDIT: i found and read this guide:" onclick=";return false;
so is this the key to the tent?
maybe 2 digidials for Pumas' with different ECU's - one using normal signal, other ECU-signal?
So people looking forward to do this swap must look for the former or will end up with not working temp gauge and must do like in the guide above?

pin2 is switched 12v on position 'ignition' on ignition switch
pin22 is switched 12v on position for radio on ignition switch

pin25 is Coolant temp sensor (on diesel Endura DE only)
pin4 is missing but according to schematics it appears that the ECU outputs from its pin 36 signal for the coolant temp
ok here's what i managed to get from some schematics in TolerancData for Fiesta 1.3i JJE as on this one there are chematics for digital dash. For Puma there arent any wiring diagrams in this program.
bold/underlined are different or with clarification from the guide above on how it is on Puma
this is it seems for digital dials which have icon for open doors under the 220kph on the dashboard (dunno what it was for mph) and the airbag icon is above the fuel gauge.
1 permanent 12v
2 12v switched on ignition
4 pin 36 ECU
7 left indicator
8 illumination
9 pin 7 diagnostic connector
10 alternator
11 oil pressure switch
12 handbrake
13 pin 16 on ABS module
14 pin 52 ECU check engine light
16 pin a4 on airbag control unit
17 ground
18 VSS
19 pin 35 of ECU
20 pin 1 heater control unit
21 tachometer
22 12v switched on position radio
23 ground of fuel gauge
24 fuel gauge
25 coolant temp on 1.8L diesel Endura DE only
26 low washer fluid (wire to ground so it doesn’t light up)
27 ground
28 ground
29 right indicator
30 full beam
31 pin d10 of multifunction electronic module
32 pin 80 ECU
my monolog continues

thanks to a fellow man over here, if someone happen to have dials like mine, which miss a wire on pin25 on the wiring harness and water temp gauge doesn't work, take a wire from one of proved-to-be-spare pins and stick it into pin25 empty hole, then connect it accordingly to pin7 on the white plug.

Now everything works apart from airbag light. My fellow man told me there's mistake in the guide with the wires for the airbag but couldnt remember where.

edit: i solved it - on the blue plug pin9 is tachometer ground (earth), and pin6 is airbag not "(Switched Positive)(Goes down to number 12 on BLUE plug)" clearly seen on the pictures.
I removed the blue plug, lifted the circuit and traced the lines underneath the small OCB, it clearly shows the error. Cheers :)

Sorry to resurrect this, but I am looking to do this swap.

I have collected a TAPE digital ECU and digital clocks from same car, currently I have a analogue ECU and dials, I am guessing the analogue ECU doesnt have the pin/ability to output the MPH ?

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