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Jul 30, 2020
Hi all!

Managed to grab a Puma 1.7 in Hungary. The price was not too high but needs some repairs also.

So the left side door window electric motor is not working, need an oil change. The power steering is leaking not the pipes, at one hose. [image]6257[/image] Did not find a hose for it, maybe the first question is that can I change it to any other hose or it requires a specific hose?
Bought new rims, Ford RS rims :) , first just used summer tires. I will buy new winter tires, because I have a motorcycle and I use it more often, and need a car for winter rides :grin:


There is the oil leak from the spower steering. It has not much rust yet, but later it should be fixed. Changed the rear brakes, cause did not have hand brake.
Ohh, and one minor issue. The trunk does not open the first time when i push the button, after I push it 2 or 3 times it opens. I hear some noises but does not open. The rubber on the trunk joining is not good, can it fix the problem and how can I change that?
After I fix all the issues "inside", the front bumper needs a repair or change.
I want a spoiler, some tuning rims, R13 rims for winter tires and I'm thinking about a matte grey wrap. It cost a little bit to much but maybe I can do it too.
Boot - I think you do have to press the button 2 times for the catch/boot to release.. you then have to open it with your hand :)
Hmm.. That's new :grin: I thought need to press only once and then I can open it with hand :roll:
Sounds like a weak spring or dirty linkages.
Spray your favorite aerosol cleaner/lubricant into all the latch linkages and really clean it out well, then cycle it by hand a few times to find the problem. If the linkages are behaving properly, its probably a weak spring.
The boot latch motor is failing. Mine was the same, only released after 2 or 3 presses. I bought a 2nd hand replacement from eBay and hunted around - it's used on other Ford models. Puma ones seem hard to find. But mine was from maybe a Fiesta VI or something?

Note - you have to remove the rear bumper to change the motor.
I will clean it first and then lubricate it, maybe that will fix the problem. If not then look forward to buy a used one in my area. :) Thanks for the answers!
Some news, I looked the boot fail but didn't find the solution for it, cleaned and lubricated. I need a better one and then will change it later.

[image]6303[/image] [image]6302[/image]

I removed the 4 lights and cleaned it well. With the rear lights, I had cut it through, cleaned it well and reseald it with windshield glue. It need some fixes cause the rubber between te boot and light is to close, because that I need to use a little bit of force to close it, so I need to fix it.
I got news rims also. Ford RS rims. I tink it looks nice on the car, I love the black rims. I was able to made it with some friends, repaired and sprayed it.

After that I installed a 2 din radio, it is a snug fit but i reallly like it. It needs some fixes to a better fit. I want also change the front and rear speakers fot better sound. Plus a subwoofer at the back, not a big one just a small, have the exact type but need time and money to do that aswell.

Changed the water and a/c radiator with 2 new one. Changed the front 2 shock absorbers, repainted the springs. Got old and rusty R13 rims for the winter, I need to sand and paint them to black. Changed also the front right lower wishbone arm and both stabilizer link and fuel filter.
I have parts to do the front left lower wishbone arm and have 2 shock absorbers for the back also.
I have also no more issues with the sterring wheel hoses, the workshop did not tighten down the joints on the hoses that is why they were leaking.
I need to do the hood "sealing" or what that black thing is. I want to do it with some self-adhesive alu foam. I also saw some oil leak in the engine part but dont think I can do it myself. Maybe I can change some sealings in there.
Long time no post from me. It is really cold outside here and I have place to repair the car only at my family house.

I bought used FKS lowering springs, front bumper, rear extension and tuning headlight 'eyes'.

On this weekend i have changed the springs to the fks springs. It needs some more testing but it looks quite nice with it.
[image]6341[/image] [image]6340[/image] [image]6338[/image] [image]6337[/image]

I finally found a man who can reapir the body and make the new paint.
I want the gunmetal paint for my car. I think it would look good, and also wiht neon green touches like on the plastic grill, brake caliper and interior.
Finally my paint is done. I have a good friend who made it for me, also the chassis received some love, so the outside of my Puma is around at 75-80% now :grin:

I'm looking for roof bars but can not find one, I need roof bars, bike rack and roof box. Anyone knows where to find them and buy?
Some infos about the car, lot happend from the last post.

I really love the color of the car, and the first winter was perfect with the car, this pictures were taken in 2021. ;)


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The next year in 2022 a lot happened with my Puma :oops:
I cover first the half of the year to about July.
First in the year 2021 and 2022 Q1 I bought 2 more puma to scrap them because they were in really bad shape. With my friend we did that, so we managed to store some good parts for our cars and for future use and also some stuff to sell.
I did a full interior seat swap, now I have in my car a recaro seats. The back and right front seats are in good shape, but the drivers needs some more care. :cool:
I put a focus centre consolse in my car for more storage and cup holder, it feels better than the default and also looks good.
Also did some cleaning and waxing to the outside of the car to maintain the color.
Manage to found the goof R13 rims also, for winter tyres, it fits just snugly. I needed to scrap some material from the front calipers, just 1-2mm because the wheel weight touched the calipers. :ROFLMAO:

Also I've taken good pictures to my wall. ;)
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From July 2022 to Jan 2023.
This will be a long list. Lot happend here, I had time and space for repair, use and tune the car, next post will tell more about these 3 options in a sad way. :confused:

In my pervious posts I mentioned that I want roof bars for my puma and found a post on facebook, which told me the thule part numbers for each part, so I can collect them one by one, so I managed to get all of them. :D and recevied a storage box for it also.

I used it also to transport some really heavy cabinets and helped my puma friend with transporting some furniture sheets for a joiner work.

I also did a diy roof awning for camping :LOL: and went some good camping places with the puma, it was plenty of space for two people and luggages.

I take some good pictures again with my tunes. I added cover to my headlights and side skirts to the puma. All parts was painted the same color as the car. I have also a front skirt or what it called 😅, the back wing aslo painted already.

I stripped out the whole interior of the car, cleaned it everywhere, and painted it for corrosion and some protection, in the next day then applied soundprofing to all the floor elements. I did not do the side panels and doors, it will be a later job, but I did the bonnet also.

On this two day while the paint dryed, I did the two rear brakes, changed the pads and cleander everything, because all the wheels were removed, thats why I managed to paint all the calipers, front and rear also to lime green for a better look. :D Wheel is dirty, don't look at it :ROFLMAO:

and one of the latest good picture of the puma, i will tell you why in the next post.
2023 post is here.
One-way it is a sad story but the other way is also good. ;)
I managed to find a good offer for a ford focus and we needed more space for our trips cause when we travel to grandparents the family members comes with us and the puma is not comfortable for 4 people and has no storage place for 4 people and those we get from grandparents like vegetables, meat etc., so we bought the focus and using it for travels cause it is also a diesel car, so better for long trips on the highway.:)

The Puma sits in a garage, so it is in a good place, the temperature never goes below 10°C and I move and start it regurarly, about 3-4 months once.
Sadly the steering wheel oil is leaked from the bottom part, I do not know why, maybe some sealing is worn out or just aged, I need to figure it out how to repair it.:unsure:

Puma now waiting for a place beacuse in that garage I can only store, can't repair or edit it, not enough place for it and not my garage just a family members and don't want to ruin it or just get it dirty. :censored:
The plan is right now that we want a house where there is also garage place and everything to repair and modify my car(s).
In this January I really felt that I want to get the puma done and will start to prepare for that in the spring, but i have more important plans for this months, I will start my youtube channel and project for the cryptocurrency growth, to earn more money to manage to get the house,garage and the Puma done in the upcoming years, and also we will have our wedding in this year, so the time and money goes to somewhere else in this year and I think in the next year also. :confused:

But the puma will never go, it will be mine and I will fix it what it needs and modify it with the part that I alredy have in the waiting room. :D

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