Engine wiring loom replacement


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Feb 11, 2017
I've had some electrical issues with the engine wiring loom for some time (some plugs got corroded and my attempts to clean them seems to not be enough). I've found a SH engine wiring loom with $50 from someone selling parts for a puma.

I am wondering how much of a job is changing the engine wiring loom. Is it plug n play, do you need some special tools to achieve this, can this be done without a major disassembly of the engine bay?

I removed a puma engine loom and refitted into a fiesta myself at home in my garage, no problem.
It was all plug and play and no specilist tools needed,
I think all I removed was battery and headlights, (purely for access,not essential). Then the rear seat and door trim to connect the rear abs plug.

Just makesure you get the right loom as there are a few versions.

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