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Sep 17, 2015

Where do people use online ford parts these days?

I used to use Foray but they've moved on a few years ago.

I'm after the gasket that goes between the block and the breather housing. It's pretty much the only thing I can't find!

It's ford part number 1008056.

I can't help answer where people usually buy parts but I only see one place online specifically saying they sell that part and it's an international eBay seller....

Clearly you dont want to be paying more for the shipping than the actual gasket, so hopefully someone has a better idea!
If it's a 'flat' gasket and not a rubbery O-ring type you might be better off making one. I've had success using gasket paper and cutting out the shape required. At a pinch you can get away with cereal packet card... Use scissors and/or scalpel. To do bolt holes I've used a hole punch before, depends on size of bolt of course.
Thanks for replying!

Haha, I've used exactly the cereal packet approach for the throttle body one which was missing from my motor.

I may just try the same sealant that's on the sump.

cheers again.
In answer to the original question, it my be worth looking at Hendy's:

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