Gauges wiring diagram required


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Feb 21, 2022
Does anyone have a wiring diagram for dash clocks please, I’m changing my gauges to aftermarket ones with a little more information and I’d like to connect illumination, revs, fuel, temp etc…
I could have sworn someone posted a link to a massive amount of wiring diagrams lately, but can't find them when I try to search for them now.
Might have had one you needed.

Typical when you try to find it you can't but I saw it numerous times when I had no need for them :funny:

Good Luck :eek:k:
I can't find it either, but the full Ford workshop manual can be downloaded on the Facebook group, its over 1600 pages and the wiring diagrams are there.
I pulled the clocks out and set too with a multimeter, I now have the pinout for the back of the clocks, I’ll pop a pic up soon as I’ve done a neat version!

I searched for diagram thinking it would pick it up - pfft. If I'd tried diagramS it'd come up on the first page so I guess it needed the full damn spelling :p
I think it'd show up more easily in the search now.

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