HOW TO: Change cambelt on 1.7L 125hp engine


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Just change the remove the water pump pulley before taking off the drive belt as it's much easier to take out the water pump pulley bolts with the belt in place as it clamps the pulley from spinning.
did another cam belt change on the puma the other day. and tried something new on the crank pulley bolt. first stage tightening is not that hard with a holding tool for the aux belt pulley. then just make a scratch mark in the bolt and pulley. take out the impact gun. set it low. and let that tighten the last 90 degrees.
i do have to tear it all a apart again thou since i got some major oil leak there somewhere. yeey fun... some seal must have failed. probably the top cover seal which i tried to reuse.
Chris Allison has done a video.
You may find it helpful, as there is a lot of details and advice.

Chris did the stage 1 engine service on my Medium Steel blue Puma and did a very thorough job, car is far better to drive now, as I suspect the Ford main dealer, who had previously changed the belt for the previous owner, had not paid the same attention to detail.
was the top cover seal. changed to an elring and used some Hylomar M as sealant around the cam parts. no leakage now. good fit of the seal

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