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Frp483 said:
Hi there
Did you ever get this going :?:
The brakes are working perfectly. If you are reffering to the ecoboost engine swap project, it is waiting for the weather to warm up a bit: all the bits and pieces are there. Now it it 'just' a matter of bolting it all together...
Cool look forward to seeing your progress, I have seen a couple of EcoBoost swaps in magazines, SDS delta are now selling of the shelf stand alone ECUs so it’s a little easier.
Yes, I got myself one as well. Although, would love to crack down the canbus thing and use the stock Ford one for peace of mind regarding the cold start performance etc...
But can't find a good how to on creating your own canbus. There are books floating around mainly adressing the reverse engineering of canbus and recognizing the data you get, but not how to make a canbus system from ground up. If someone has a book to recommend that does that, I would be vey grateful.
Have you seen the ford performance 2.3 crate engine, retrofit ignition data sheet, I’m sure the last time I looked they we’re doing 1.6 & 2.0 kits but it had some US legal statements attached about it being street legal.
Only 2.0 liter option is listed now. I am almost 100% certain the 2.0 liter kit would work on 1.6 as well with different PCM, but...
Anyway, it is water under bridge now, as I have collected everything already and will be sticking to SCS Delta option for now.

Cheers for the link. Makes you wonder why is Ford in Europe so restrictive regarding these things...?
Regards 1.6 EcoBoost retro fit, what are you doing about dash, fuel pump/tank (returnless and Pwm control), rad fan(pwm module) Ecu takes speed from abs module via can bus. There’s two can busses HS and MS.

Have you got a wiring diagram for the 1.6 EcoBoost ? That would probably help loads!

You’ll have fun 👍
Pehaps you haven't realised I am using stand alone SCS Delta ECU that can run fuel pump. The existing fuel pump can be used as low pressure pump (the high pressure is in the head activated by camshaft). Fuel pump will keep return line as ECU can only run it at constant speed, same as it is in the car now; not on demand. The plan is to keep the original PCM and let it run dash as it is now with exception of rev counter which will be run bu SCS Delta.
I just read this whole thread, and man you have some patience and determination that I do not, lots of trial and error to get the result you want. impressive!
It is on backburner a but as I have sort of retired the puma. It is not daily anymore as I am trying to preserve it a bit. Everything is ready, all the preparation and investigation is done.
I am now using a honda civic (EK3, 6th gen) as my daily driver, but could not resist it and upgraded it and now am rebuilding B16A2 engine to put it in. Much better engineered car, Honda, and much easier to work on, I must admit...
However, puma is puma, so well put together and brings so much smiles per mile... :wink:
I’m running the st180 engine and gearbox in my fiesta and this thread has been useful as to how I can fix the speedo etc. Thanks. Top work and the car looks great
Wild E. Coyote said:

Could you post some images of the engine mounts? In what fiesta is ST180 engine and gearbox? I am particulary interested in the gearbox mount?

Sorry for the slow reply. St180 gearbox mount bolts up on the mk4/mk5 fiesta so should be the same for the Puma. You’ll need to space the gearbox down to level the driveshafts etc off.

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