Mondeo 1.8L Zetec in a Puma?


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Jun 20, 2021
Hey guys, as you could probably already tell from the title of this post I would like to gather some information about an engine swap I'd like to do.
Someone offered me a fully functional 1.8 liter Zetec Engine formerly from a '99 Mondeo for 250€. As this would be my first ever engine swap I would like to ask for your guys' opinion and whether or not i need the Mondeo's transmission as well / What to watch out for / what other parts i need - et cetera. The engine has about 70k miles on its back which would definitely increase my little Puma's runtime, considering it has been running with the same 1.6 liter engine for around 110-120k miles and as much as i know of the previous owner did not always treat the engine nicely.

I'm already anxious for your replies and would like to thank you for any contribution to my question. :)

I'm no expert on conversions but I think they are totally different engines, one a Zetec-E (Zeta) and the other a Zetec-SE (Sigma) and this would be a tricky swap.

I'm sure I've read that the engine would be heavier and you would literally have to change everything, I could be wrong but I think the exhaust inlet is on the opposite side, bolt pattern is different..

If you decide to go for it I'd be interested to see the progress!
Anything is possible with enough time, money, and determination.
This guy did it with a 2.0l:
It would not be a small job, and would pretty much require replacing or customizing the entire front end of the car...Transmission, wiring, PCM, probably much of the suspension...

The question is: Why?
If its because you love the idea of doing that work and figuring it all out then by all means, it sounds like a great project.
If your seriously thinking that you would like to have a backup for your current engine, you could save yourself an awful lot of time and money by just procuring another 1.6l. They seem to be pretty readily available at reasonable prices.
Honestly though, 120k miles is nothing to lose sleep over on these engines. Proper maintenance should keep it going longer than the body will last.
I think the 1.8 isn't a great upgrade for the job it requires, because you have to do a lot of job for only a 1.8 that is too heavier for a puma and for me it runs probably slow than an original puma with a 1.7 zetec s, for me the best work to do is replace the 1.6, it is a great engine for the puma and probably better than the 1.8.
hope a great day :)
Haruspex said:
...this would be my first ever engine swap...

This part just jumped out at me.
The answer is no. This would be a bad idea for a first timer. This is advanced stuff. Get your feet wet on easier stuff first.

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